Lots of Different Disciplines Top State Doctorates

  • Joe Wertz

Source: State Regents for Higher Education

We’ve been examining the types of degrees granted most recently at state colleges and universities. When it comes to fields of study, doctorates appear the most diverse, data show.

Like it was with master’s degrees, education was the most-common doctorate degree granted in 2008-2009, the most recent data from the State Regents for Higher Education show.

Considerably fewer doctorates are granted, so the range is significantly narrower. For example: 1,257 master’s in education were awarded in 2008-2009, but only 59 doctorate degrees.

The doctoral track also changes the range of studies. Business and management, for example, which ranked No. 2 in most-common master’s degrees but slid to the No. 7 slot when it comes to doctorates.

Conversely, physical sciences — physics and chemistry, primarily — rank No. 5 on the doctorate list and No. 10 when it comes to master’s.

Top 10 Doctorates Granted by State Universities

Rank Field Number %
1. Education 59 14.8
2. Psychology 53 13.3
3. Biological and Biomedical Sciences 51 12.8
4. Engineering 42 10.5
5. Physical Sciences 40 10.0
6. Social Science 23 5.8
7. Business and Management 17 4.3
8. Family and Consumer Sciences 14 3.5
9. Visual and Performing Arts 13 3.3
10. Agricultural Business and Management 12 3.0