Source: State Regents for Higher Education

Source: State Regents for Higher Education

OK Master’s Degrees: Teachers are Tops

  • Joe Wertz

Source: State Regents for Higher Education

State-funded colleges are awarding lots of degrees in business and medicine and certificates in family and consumer sciences.

Oklahoma universities are training a lot of teachers, too.

More than one-quarter of all master’s degrees granted in 2008-2009 were in education, the most recent data available show.

The No. 2 most-common master’s degree awarded that year was in business and management, data from the state Regents for Higher Education show.

Most Masters of Education are being trained at smaller state schools. The University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond awarded the most in 2008-2009, followed by East Central University in Ada.

Our series continues tomorrow with a look at doctoral degrees.

Top 10 Master’s Degrees Granted by State Universities

1. Education 1,257 25.9
2. Business and Management 985 20.3
3. Engineering 429 8.9
4. Health Professions 388 8.0
5. Public Administration and Services 308 6.4
6. Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies 251 5.2
7. Psychology 213 4.4
8. Liberal Studies and Humanities 102 2.1
9. English Language and Literature 90 1.9
10. Physical Sciences 84 1
Source: State Regents for Higher Education