OK Students are Certifiable, Mostly in Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Joe Wertz

Source: Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Education has a major impact on employment, but the benefits aren’t limited to college diplomas.

Certificate programs are short, specialized and affordable. And thanks to the recession, they’re more popular than ever.

Oklahoma tech schools and community colleges awarded 586 certificates last year, state data show. Almost three-quarters of those certificates were in family, consumer and health fields.

More than 90 percent of all state-issued certificates in 2010-2011 were concentrated in just five areas of study, Regents for Higher Education data show.

Also interesting: Tulsa Community College alone handed out about 45 percent of all certificates last year. The No. 2 slot goes to Oklahoma City Community College, which issued about 25 percent.

Connors State College, which has branches in Warner and Muskogee, granted only four certificates from 2010-2011 — all of them in family and consumer sciences, data show.

10 Most-Common Certificates Earned at State Colleges and Universities

1. Family and Consumer Sciences 235 40.1
2. Health Professions 190 32.4
3. Business and Management 63 10.8
4. Mechanics and Repairers 24 4.1
5. Comp. and Information Science 21 3.6
6. Foreign Languages 19 3.2
7. Engineering and Related Technology 10 1.7
8. Agricultural Business and Management 8 1.4
9. Visual and Performing Arts 4 0.7
10. Biological and Biomedical Sciences 2 0.3
Source: Regents for Higher Education