Half of Oklahoma Bachelor’s Grew Out of Five Fields

  • Joe Wertz

Source: Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

About half of all four-year degrees earned at state colleges and universities are in just five areas of study, data show.

Employment usually parallels education, and state education officials have made boosting college completion their No. 1 mission.

Higher education officials want to add more than 20,000 degrees and certificates over the next 12 years. Moving forward, it’s important to know where Oklahoma currently is.

Five fields of study account for about half of all four-year degrees earned at state colleges and universities, data from the Regents for Higher Education show.

The most-common Bachelor’s Degree: business and management, which has twice as many degree holders as the No. 2 most-common degree type, education.

Here’s a look at the 10 most-common degrees that were granted at public colleges and universities from 2009-2009, the most recent year for which the data is available.

10 Most-Common Bachelor’s Degrees at State Colleges and Universities

1. Business and Management 3,213 20.7%
2. Education 1,495 9.6%
3. Health Professions 1,415 9.1%
4. Liberal Studies and Humanities 925 6.0%
5. Communications 844 5.4%
6. Biological and Biomedical Sciences 813 5.2%
7. Psychology 744 4.8%
8. Social Science 686 4.4%
9. Engineering 644 4.1%
10. Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies 598 3.8%
Source: Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education

In the next few days, we’ll explore data on associate degrees, master’s, doctorates and certificates.