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  • Joe Wertz

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Broadcast reporter Logan Layden interviewing a nurse about funding cuts to a state flu shot program.

We want to know what you know — and what you don’t know. What are your state budget concerns? What don’t you understand about how the state spends your money? What dim corner needs a little illumination?

StateImpact Oklahoma wants to hear from you.

It’s a new year. In a few weeks, Gov. Mary Fallin will hand her Executive Budget to the Legislature. The session will start, and the wrangling funding cuts and increases will begin.

When it comes to state spending and Oklahoma’s economy: What’s on your mind for 2012?

We want your input and guidance, whether it’s a simple explanation or a full-on investigation. The same goes for any state budget-related tip, idea, question or rumor.

Help us follow the money.

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Digital reporter Joe Wertz live-blogging from a hearing at the state Capitol.

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