No Federal Earthquake Assistance for Oklahoma

  • Joe Wertz

Oklahoma will not receive federal earthquake assistance, state emergency management officials said last night.

Gov. Mary Fallin requested individual assistance on Nov. 22 for about 200 homes and businesses in Lincoln and Pottawatomie counties, which were damaged by a series of quakes that began on Nov. 5.

The Tulsa World’s Amanda Bland with details from Fallin’s press release:

“After receiving five presidential disaster declarations in one year, including snow storms, tornadoes and flooding events, Oklahomans and the voluntary agencies that are often called upon to assist them have been pushed to the limits. We felt the case for additional assistance had been made,” Fallin said.

Fallin is considering other options, The Oklahoman’s staff reports, “including a potential request for Small Business Administration assistance for home and business owners.”