State Funding Declines, College Doubles Budget

  • Joe Wertz

Western Oklahoma State College has more than doubled its budget over the last decade, according to a report filed by Oklahoma Watchdog’s Peter J. Rudy.

The school’s budget ballooned from $6.8 million in FY2003 to $13.9 million in FY2012. The school’s budget decreased in FY2004, but has increased about 10 percent a year since, which Oklahoma Watchdog points out is roughly four times the rate of inflation.

Despite the budget increase, WOSC — like other state colleges and universities — is relying less on state funds, and has turned to tuition and fees as its main source of revenue.

In FY2003, state appropriations comprised 68 percent of the school’s budget, while 25 percent was raised through tuition and fees.

In FY2012, state appropriations had declined to 44 percent of the school’s budget, while tuition and fees had climbed to 47 percent.