Welcome to StateImpact Oklahoma!

  • Joe Wertz

You’re here because you’re curious about Oklahoma’s budget.

Perhaps you’re a policy junkie eager for the latest on appropriations, or a political wonk who wants insight on the impact of budget cuts. Or maybe you’re questions are more simple: How do budget cuts affect health, education and public safety here in Oklahoma? What’s a transferable tax credit, and where’s all my tax money going?

StateImpact is a collaboration between NPR and public broadcasters in each state. The Oklahoma project is lead by KGOU, KOSU, KWGS, KCCU and OETA.

The goal is to drill down and focus on Oklahoma’s budget. We’ll explain the basics, analyze the trends, and explore the real-world impact budgetary policy has on Oklahomans.

StateImpact Oklahoma is a multimedia project lead by digital reporter Joe Wertz and a yet-to-be-named broadcast reporter. Our reports will be online and over the air. We’ll produce documentaries and narrative features, data-rich analysis and digital features.

We want to hear from you! What questions should we ask? What budget-related stories need told? What needs explaining and exploring? What don’t you understand about Oklahoma’s budget?

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