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Why NH’s Economy Is Especially Important For The 2012 Election

At this point, politicos figure nine states could go to either Obama or Romney this November: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin and…New Hampshire.  All of them went for Barack Obama back in 2008.  But New York Times reporter Michael Cooper notes that Republicans have also made some major strides in those states […]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

It’s that time again!  A time when we at StateImpact sit back and sift through the crowd’s collective wisdom to bring you the Top 5 Must Read Posts of the week.  And we’ve got a rather diverse roundup this week, spanning fishing and politics, indie booksellers and foreclosure funds.  Here, ready for your perusal, is […]

Economy Dominates GOP And Democratic Campaign Events In NH

Both the Obama and Romney camps campaigned in New Hampshire today.  Governor Romney made a stop along the waterfront in Portsmouth with fellow Republican–and US Senator–Kelly Ayotte.  Meanwhile, Lilly Ledbetter (of Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act fame–more on that in a minute) campaigned for Obama in Hanover.  And both, in their own ways, focused on […]

House To (Potentially) Consider Overturning State Liquor Monopoly

A modified bill that would allow businesses to sell hard liquor has cleared committee and is ready for debate by the full House.  As the Concord Monitor‘s Matt Spolar reports, HB 1251 began as a standard-issue Legalize Private Liquor Sales initiative–which promptly deadlocked the Commerce committee.  So rather than kill the bill, the committee rewrote […]

Bipartisan Group Pans Tax Plans Of (Almost) All GOP Presidential Candidates

As we publish, US Budget Watch (part of the bipartisan group Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget) just announced release of a report analyzing the tax plans of the GOP presidential candidates.  (We’ll link to it when it becomes available.) According to their research, only Ron Paul’s tax plan won’t dramatically increase the national debt. […]

Visualizing The State Of The Union Address (And The GOP Response)

The big story of the day is, of course, President Obama’s State of the Union address last night.  Since the speech wrapped, analysis from politicos, pundits, and wonks has been pretty much non-stop. As a business and economy site, we’re definitely interested in the overarching economic themes of the president’s address–and the Republican response.  But […]

Why Eminent Domain Bills Are Center Stage In Northern Pass Controversy

Thanks to the ongoing Northern Pass controversy, eminent domain–when the government forces landowners to sell their property to benefit a project for the public good–has become one of the 2012 legislative session’s key issues. And thanks to the Forest Society, the issue’s gained a greater sense of urgency Here’s the nutshell version:  Last month, the […]

StateImpact Talks Primary Economics With ATC Host Brady Carlson

It seems StateImpact’s coverage of the New Hampshire primary got the attention of NHPR’s All Things Considered host Brady Carlson.  So we sat down with him in the studio and dished on some of the highlights of our economics-based primary reporting.

Romney And The Economy: Two Ways To Read His NH Victory Speech

A number of media outlets (including the Boston Globe) noted that Mitt Romney’s victory speech after the New Hampshire primary felt more like a general election speech than a nomination contest speech. But we’re less interested in the flavor of Romney’s speech than we are in the text and the overarching themes.  As we’ve noted […]

How NH Counties Voted (Based On Economic Drivers)

This year, NHPR’s GOP primary coverage took on a strong national flavor, broadcasting to listeners all over the country.  Among the network’s expanded audience were WNYC listeners in, well…NYC.  And in the spirit of inter-station cooperation, the good folks at WNYC and Patchwork Nation used AP polling data to put together a county-by-county map of […]

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