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N.H. Entering An “Uncertain Time” With “Withering” Economic Advantage

A recent report from the Center for Public Policy Studies was uncharacteristically ominous, warning that the state is entering an “uncertain time,” and that the New Hampshire advantage “is withering away, and may erode further in years to come.” Dennis Delay, the report’s author, is referring to the state’s slow economic recovery compared to its […]

Tech Company Lures Recruits With Farm-To-Table Cafe

Four dollars. That is what employees at Dyn have to pay for a breakfast burrito made with bacon smoked in North Country, peppers grown in Chester, and a host of other local ingredients.  That is, if they mosey across the street from their offices to the Dyn Cafe – an at-cost farm-to-table operation that Dyn […]

It’s All A Wash: Hurricane Sandy And The Broken Window Fallacy

Hurricane Sandy has brought commerce to a halt across a geographic area worth $10 billion annually in economic activity. Will it help the economy, or hurt it? Some economists will say hurricanes like Sandy produce enough economic activity to create a net gain. But they may not be taking into consideration what is known as […]

N.H.’s Productivity Weakening As Neighboring Economies Grow

New Hampshire may have weathered the recession relatively well, but as other states’ economies are growing, New Hampshire’s is slowing down.  That’s the word from the Center for Public Policy Studies, which released a report this week outlining some discouraging trends in New Hampshire’s economy. One of the study’s authors, Dennis Delay, spoke with NHPR’s Brady […]

Why One Economist Says Austerity Is Hurting Job Growth

As we’ve mentioned before, one of our key online lurking destinations for economic news is the New York Times.  And while we don’t often draw on op-ed’s, a recent offering from economist Paul Krugman caught our attention. In “States of Depression,” Krugman (a self-professed liberal) faults the national push towards austerity for the slow economic […]

How State Budget Cuts Affect Your Property Taxes

A new report finds that Granite State communities are leaning more and more heavily on property taxes.  Examining data from 2007-2010, the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies found: “Total municipal appropriations per person have leveled off considerably over the past three years compared with pre-recession trends.  At the same time, we see that […]

Tracing NH’s Slog Toward Economic Recovery

A recent piece in the New York Times lays out what many Americans already believe: For much of the country, economic recovery is a ways off.  Reporter Michael Cooper writes: “Less than a tenth of the nation’s metropolitan areas have regained the jobs they lost in the economic downturn, according to a report… Only 26 […]

Economics And Politics Clash Over NH Tax Revenue Forecast

Yesterday, StateImpact liveblogged the Joint Economic Session.  Members of the House and Senate Finance and Ways and Means Committees gathered for hours to hear economists offer projections on where the global, national, and state economies are headed in 2012. Admittedly, it was pretty dry stuff.  And we were ready to do what we’ve done with […]

Lackluster Job Growth Could Hold Back New Hampshire Economy

Just a little bit ago, when we announced our plans to live-blog the New England Economic Partnership’s regional conference tomorrow.  Economists, demographers, and sundry analysts will provide their best predictions–based on the numbers–of what the near future holds for the six New England states. We also noted that the press has been treated to some […]

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