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Medicaid Expansion Or No, State Will See Increased Costs, Study Says

The Affordable Care Act will make it easier for eligible patients to sign up for Medicaid, which will swell the ranks of Medicaid recipients whether or not states opt to expand eligibility to more individuals, according to a new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation. This will increase Medicaid costs even for states that do […]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

Five Reasons Why Angel Investors (Think “Shark Tank”) Matter To The Economy: Our top post this week breaks down a new report from the University of New Hampshire explaining why this high-powered, super-secretive investment market is a key part of the national economy. What A Canadian Newspaper Reports About Hydro-Quebec (And Northern Pass): Normally, we […]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

Happy Friday!  (Or should we say, “Happy Mega Millions Drawing Day?”)  At any rate, as you count down the hours to the end of the workday and the start of the weekend, we’re happy to present you with our weekly round up of economy-flavored brain food: Why The Mega Millions Jackpot Is Extra-Important For New […]

Executive Council Mulls Massive Medicaid Contract

The Executive Council is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a new Medicaid contract worth an estimated $2.2 billion–believed to be the largest contract in state history. But signs from an Executive Council meeting Monday suggest that vote may be pushed back.  And the state may struggle to meet its July 1 deadline. It’s a huge […]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

Good afternoon!  As usual, we’ve got this week’s roundup of our top five posts.  This week, they spanned a number of economic themes: How State Budget Cuts Hit Nursing For Sick Kids: NHPR’s Dan Gorenstein takes us inside the state’s process of evaluating how much Medicaid-funded nursing assistance New Hampshire’s most disabled kids get. Charting NH’s […]

How State Budget Cuts Hit Nursing For Sick Kids

Over the last year, dozens of families have lost state subsidized nursing support to care for their sick children.  Some parents say the reductions have made it hard to juggle work and keep their kids healthy. New Hampshire hired a private company, Schaller Anderson to manage these cases. Frustrated parents accuse the company of making […]

Does New Hampshire Need Specialty Cancer Centers?

The crux of the debate: Should NH change its laws governing medical facilities so a for-profit cancer center can come into the state? Lawmakers are now considering whether to give exemptions to for-profit cancer centers so they can do business in the state. Under current regulations these cancer centers are likely  to be deemed redundant. […]

Economic Themes Dominate NH State Of The State Address

Today marked Governor John Lynch’s last State of the State address.  And, as one might expect during a slow trudge toward recovery, the bulk of Lynch focused either directly or indirectly on the economy.  Some of the key themes included issues that we’ve covered or put on the Watch List of our Ultimate Legislative Guide.  […]

New Hampshire’s “Silver Tsunami” : A Sea Change in Healthcare Costs

New Hampshire has a higher percentage of baby boomers on average than most of the nation: 30 percent. “Relative to the rest of the country we have a larger proportion of that 45-65 age group.” says Steve Norton, Director of New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies. The Center released a report today looking at what will happen […]

More Hospital Layoffs Blamed On Budget Cuts

Yesterday, we posted the blog equivalent of a highlights reel for a New York Times article.  The newspaper’s piece examined how state and federal budget cuts are taking the steam out of the health care industry’s role as one of the country’s few job creators.  Eliot Health System in Manchester got a mention, as the […]

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