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Key House Committee Considers Expanded Gambling Bill

The debate over the economic impacts of HB 593 (or “The Casino Bill,” if you will) continues.  As Kevin Landrigan of the Nashua Telegraph reports, discussion of the bill continued Monday, when the House Ways and Means committee listened to about three hours of public testimony: “The state stands to lose $150 million of existing […]

How NH’s Manufacturing Sector Stacks Up To Its Neighbors’

Recently, the White House has had manufacturing on the brain.  From the State of the Union address to Vice President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Albany Engineered Composites in Rochester, the Obama administration has been pushing its plan to create more jobs in the manufacturing sector. This renewed focus got us thinking about what New […]

Best Of StateImpact: How NH Poaches Massachusetts Businesses

When New Hampshire politicians and business-types talk about “economic development,” they often mean touting the so-called “New Hampshire Advantage.”  Among other things, that’s overall low–or in many cases, no–taxes, an educated workforce, and that amorphous “quality of life” distinction. But “economic development” in the Granite State also means using the much-vaunted New Hampshire Advantage as […]

How A European Recession Could Hurt Key Export States–Including NH

Recently, Wells Fargo Securities released a short report offering a state-by-state look at the places that could be hardest-hit by a potential European recession.  Since New Hampshire has carved out a healthy niche for itself in the high-tech components export market, we thought this report might be of interest to our StateImpact readers. For its […]

Losing The Lotto: How Much Would Having Keno Help NH’s Revenues?

Recently, StateImpact’s been taking an up-close look at the New Hampshire Lottery.  In our first post, we traced the gradual decline in lotto revenue transfers to the state’s education system.  After peaking in FY 2006 at nearly $80.4 million, transfers have gone down every year.  In FY 2011, the Lottery Commission transferred only about $62.2 […]

Losing The Lotto: Comparing NH’s Lotto Prizes To Massachusetts

Recently, we told you about a gas station in the border town of Methuen, Massachusetts.  According to Massachusetts State Lottery Executive Director Paul Sternburg, it’s on track to do $13 million this year in lottery revenues.  When we spoke with Ted’s Mobil owner Tony Amico, he estimated at least half his customers are from New […]

New England Carries Some Of The Country’s Heaviest Student Loan Debt

Recently, we’ve been looking into student debt in New Hampshire.  (You can read the initial posts here and here.)  As the Project on Student Debt reports, the Class of 2010 took on a record amount of loans–an average of $25,250 nationally. And the newly-graduated in New Hampshire took on the heaviest burden in the country, […]

Losing The Lotto: Waiting For Massachusetts

Mondays are interesting days here at StateImpact.  It’s when we plan out what we’re going to cover over the course of the week, and how.  It’s when we look at where we’ve been in the past week, and where we’re going.  And sometimes, it’s the day that critical information is brought to our–or rather, in […]

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