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Do You Qualify For An Earned Income Tax Credit?

It’s that time of year when taxes begin to be on peoples’ minds. But the IRS is worried not enough people know about the Earned Income Tax Credit – which is the federal government’s biggest anti-poverty program. So – they’ve pronounced today Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day. Last year, more than 77,000 needy Granite […]

Advocates Of Failed Income Tax Amendment Say Their Goals Were Achieved

Ballot Question One – a constitutional ban on the income tax — did not receive the 67 percent of votes it needed to become law on Tuesday.  It did, however, receive 57 percent of the vote: a healthy majority. During an otherwise Democratic sweep on Tuesday, this GOP initiative received more votes in New Hampshire […]

A History Of The Pledge

The following was contributed by Jacob Hale Russell. Next month, Granite Staters will vote on a state constitutional amendment that would ban any new income tax. It’s well known that New Hampshire is a rare hold-out in having no broad-based income or sales tax (Alaska, rich in oil reserves, is the only other state with […]

Recent Study Questions “New Hampshire Advantage”

A couple of weeks ago, Arthur Laffer — an economist made famous for his work in the Reagan administration — co-wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal warning that the expiration of federal tax cuts in January puts the country on the verge of a “Taxmageddon.” Laffer’s “supply side” or “trickle down” economic […]

CACR 13: Income Tax Amendment Is Headed To The People

Come November, Granite Staters will be voting on an amendment to the state constitution banning a personal income tax. The amendment would need to receive the support of two-thirds of voters in November in order to become law. While New Hampshire is already one of the nation’s nine states without a personal income tax, the […]

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