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“NH Advantage” Proves True For Albany International

We hear about the “New Hampshire Advantage” all the time. Our low personal taxes and great quality of life make headlines every time a company contemplates relocating to the Granite State. But what happens after a company has been here for a while? Are company leaders still happy with their choice? For leadership at Rochester, […]

Best Of StateImpact: How NH Poaches Massachusetts Businesses

When New Hampshire politicians and business-types talk about “economic development,” they often mean touting the so-called “New Hampshire Advantage.”  Among other things, that’s overall low–or in many cases, no–taxes, an educated workforce, and that amorphous “quality of life” distinction. But “economic development” in the Granite State also means using the much-vaunted New Hampshire Advantage as […]

More On The Massachusetts-vs-New Hampshire Economic Debate

Recently, State Impact examined New Hampshire’s economic development strategies and compared them to what Massachusetts is doing.  “Six Ways To Look At How NH Does — And Doesn’t — Attract Economic Development” has been one of our most popular posts since the site went live late last month.  Our post, in turn, was inspired by a Boston […]

What You Need To Know About The New Comcast Warehouse In Salem

This week, Comcast invited business leaders, elected officials, and the media to an event at the company’s new warehouse and inspection station in Salem, NH.  Although the facility officially “opened” on August 17th, it had actually been up and running for a couple of months.  (The Boston Globe ran a story about the facility two days before […]

Rural NH Childcare Centers Get A Pair Of Federal Grants

It’s been a busy week on the rural economy beat, thanks to President Obama’s newly-released rural jobs initiative.  As part of that push today, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced a series of rural development grants and loans awarded to states as part of the clunkily-named “USDA Rural Development’s Community Facilities Program.”  The idea, Vilsack said, […]

Five Ways To Look At How NH Does — And Doesn’t — Attract Economic Development

Are New Hampshire’s low tax policies helping it attract economic development? The jumping-off point for this post, and a related post from last week, is data on the movement of businesses and jobs between Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  The image perpetuated by area media more or less fits the mold of a piece in The Boston Globe […]

NH’s Sort-Of-Secret, Cross-Border Business Poaching Operation

The lead of Jen Abelson’s Boston Globe piece reads like a spy novel: “New Hampshire pays Michael Bergeron to be a full-time thief, sending him across the border in an unmarked black sedan to poach Massachusetts companies. To help keep his missions undercover, the business recruiter even scraped the New Hampshire state seal off his […]

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