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N.H. Exit Polls: High Earners Went For Romney, Economic Optimists For Obama

According to this New York Times exit polls interactive, Granite Staters… Who earn over $100,000 voted for Governor Romney by a margin of 3 percent. Those who earn less than $100,000 preferred President Obama. Who are feeling good about the economy voted for President Obama; those feeling poorly about the economy voted for Governor Romney. […]

Part 4: Which NH Counties Won New Residents (And Lost Old Ones)

One of our most popular sets of posts has been an occasional series with a different take on migration into–and out of–New Hampshire.  Using IRS data, Jon Bruner of Forbes traced where people in every county in the country were moving to–and from–between 2005 and 2009.  Then, he generated a really cool map that allows you […]

Thirty Years Of Low Child And Senior Poverty In NH

We’re all about cool maps at StateImpact, and we just couldn’t resist sharing this one on the changing face of child and senior poverty over the past 30 years.  Demographer Kenneth Johnson at the Carsey Institute recently crunched some 2010 Census data, and working with a team at USA Today, came up with a cool […]

Breaking Down Who Does–And Doesn’t–Support Eminent Domain For Northern Pass

Recently the Concord Monitor reported on a Granite State Poll commissioned by a key Northern Pass rival–the New England Power Generators Association.  The big news coming out of the study was 68 percent of the 500 respondents were against eminent domain for Northern Pass. But what interested us even more than the overarching sentiment toward […]

Part 3: Which NH Counties Won New Residents–And Lost Old Ones

One of our most popular drop-in series at StateImpact has been our county-by-county glimpses at migration rates.  Our work is based on  a map generated by Jon Bruner of Forbes.  (We still recommend you check it out.)  Using IRS data, Bruner traced where people in every county in the country were moving to–and from–between 2005 […]

Part 2: Which NH Counties Won New Residents–And Lost Old Ones

We’ve been thinking a bit more about demographics lately, in light of the New England Economic Partnership’s recent Economic Forecast conference.  The region faces a number of population problems.  At the risk of oversimplification, here are the main issues: New England has a high proportion of people who are Baby Boomers and older.  Some are […]

New Hampshire’s “Silver Tsunami” : A Sea Change in Healthcare Costs

New Hampshire has a higher percentage of baby boomers on average than most of the nation: 30 percent. “Relative to the rest of the country we have a larger proportion of that 45-65 age group.” says Steve Norton, Director of New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies. The Center released a report today looking at what will happen […]

In New Hampshire, One County Claims Highest Proportion Of Woman-Headed Families

Nearly one-third of New England families with children are single-parent households.  That’s according to a map published in Communities And Banking, a quarterly publication released by the Boston Fed.  Using Census data, Robert Clifford mapped out the percentage of New England households that were single families.  He also notes with pie charts the proportion that […]

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