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Bipartisan Group Pans Tax Plans Of (Almost) All GOP Presidential Candidates

As we publish, US Budget Watch (part of the bipartisan group Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget) just announced release of a report analyzing the tax plans of the GOP presidential candidates.  (We’ll link to it when it becomes available.) According to their research, only Ron Paul’s tax plan won’t dramatically increase the national debt. […]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

It was a varied news week for the business and economy beat–as our traffic patterns proved.  Our most popular pieces covered issues ranging from the State of the Union address to green jobs to Northern Pass and credit card debt.  So if you missed any of the five key posts our readers are talking about, […]

Study: NH Ranks #2 In US For Credit Card Debt

Given the Granite State’s reputation as a stalwart of Yankee frugality, a recent bit of reporting from investor blog Wall Street 24/7 caught us a bit by surprise.  The blog quoted a report by credit education site  The site mined data from more than 300,000 users to get a bead on the country’s personal […]

Student Debt Reaches Record Levels–And NH Leads The Pack

Student debt has been a popular topic lately.  The big figure currently bandied about is that American students and alumni are carrying a trillion dollars of debt. But that figure, $1,000,000,000,000, it feels so…abstract.  I’ve never even seen a million dollars, let alone a billion or a trillion.  What can a trillion dollars buy? It […]

Credit Card Delinquency And Paying Down Personal Debt

Here’s an interesting piece from AP Business Writer Eileen AJ Connelly, focusing on credit card delinquency and debt: “The national credit card delinquency rate, or rate of payments 90 days or more past due, fell to 0.60 percent in the second quarter, down from 0.92 percent a year ago. That’s the lowest rate since 1994, […]

We’re #2…For Percentage Of Spending On Debt

According to the Tax Foundation, 6.9 percent of New Hampshire’s direct spending went toward interest payments on debt in FY 2009. The only state that devoted a higher portion of its funds to interest was…Massachusetts, at 9.58 percent.  (You can find more surprising comparisons between New Hampshire and Massachusetts here.) Overall, New England eats up a goodly portion of the […]

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