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Live Chlorine-Free Or Die? Super-Filtered Water Flowing Into NH

There’s a new trend among the water-conscious.¬† At least, that’s what the people at Maine-based startup Blue Reserve believe.¬† Avery Yale Kamila of The Portland Press Herald reports the company is offering a customers a bottle-free, super-filtered fresh water system.¬† The idea of going bottleless is to cut-out bisphenol-A, or BPA, a chemical found in […]

Can Bull Moose Survive Where Borders Couldn’t?

In an earlier version of this post,¬†our photo caption described¬†Portland, Maine¬†as Bull Moose’s “original stomping grounds.”¬† The company actually opened its first store in Brunswick, Maine.¬† We regret the error.¬† The fate of prime strip mall real estate in New England might not be sealed just yet.¬† The hallowed halls of Borders Books stores aren’t […]

Memorial Bridge Losing Weight

After years of hanging together with the civil engineering equivalent of duct tape and hope, Memorial Bridge, connecting Portsmouth to Kittery, Maine,¬†is finally closed for good.¬† At least as far as drivers are concerned, anyway.¬† The New Hampshire Department of Transportation has been keeping its fingers crossed, hoping the 88-year old bridge would hold up […]

More Bad News For Borders Fans

In his blog for the Concord Monitor, Ben Leubsdorf reports that Borders has pounded the last nail into the coffin of its Fort Eddy store.¬† It looks like rival¬†Books-A-Million won’t be taking over the strip mall space after all.¬† So big-box bookstore devotees will have to go farther afield to take advantage of three-for-the-price-of-two sales […]

What’s The Future Of Cisco In New Hampshire?

Following the untimely death of the Flip camera, The Guardian (by way of the Associated Press) reports more cuts at Cisco.¬† And this time it’s not technology.¬† It’s jobs. “Monday’s announcement to cut 6,500 of its 73,000 employees across the globe follows a plan disclosed in May to eliminate thousands of jobs. Two-thirds will come […]

Why Borders Books Failed and Barnes & Noble Didn’t

Annie Lowrey at Slate wrote a decent summary of how a series of bad¬†top-level decisions laid¬†the course for Borders Books closing.¬† In a nutshell: The internet didn’t do it. Granted, in today’s bookselling world, that’s like saying, “No.¬† Really.¬† It wasn’t the butler.”¬† Which is basically what Lowrey¬†says, at least for the most part.¬† She […]

State Prepares For Borders Closing

Between its Express stores and the strip mall behemoths, Borders Books actually had a pretty good presence across southern and central New Hampshire, and as far up as North Conway.¬† The fact that it closed wasn’t surprising to anyone who’s been following news from the chain over the past year or so.¬† But what was […]

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