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Most Direct Sellers Don’t Earn A Living Through Sales

Emilie Ritter Saunders / StateImpact Idaho

Maggie Clark talks with customers at a recent event in Nampa, Idaho.

Earlier today we introduced you to Maggie Clark, an independent salesperson for the wickless candle maker Scentsy.  Clark says she earns about $1,200 a month on her business.  That is well above the median income for someone in the direct selling industry.

The Direct Selling Association, an industry trade group, says the median annual income is $2,400.  That equals about $200 a month.

“There certainly are people who make the equivalent of a full-time income through direct selling,” says DSA spokesperson Amy Robinson.  “But by and large people are looking for supplemental income.”

Robinson says most people work less than ten hours a week at their direct selling business.


  • Amy Feral

    Ten hrs on a job???? That’s the problem right there. If one ONLY wishes to work part-time, how do they figure to make FULL-TIME pay???

    • my sentiments exactly =) but let’s also not forget all those “recruiters” using the line “Part-Time work, Full-Time pay!”

    • CS

      I work Scentsy full-time, and I earn more than enough to support my family… even in California. Scentsy is the best $99 investment I ever made.

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