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How Turning A Gain Into A Loss Makes Merit Pay Work

A team of economists says a new study shows teachers are motivated by performance pay and produce better student results. That’s contrary to a handful of prior pay-for-performance studies which showed little to no improvement among students. The difference this time? Teachers were given the money up front and told they would lose it if […]

Tennessee Study Identifies Shortcomings In Teacher Evaluations

A report on Tennessee teacher evaluations could have big implications in Florida as well. The report found Tennessee schools “systematically failed” to identify low-performing teachers through a combination of student test score improvement and principal evaluations, according to The Tennessean. Often, a principal’s evaluation and the teacher’s student testing score did not match. Three-quarters of […]

Report: U.S., Florida Students Aren’t Challenged In Class

Nearly four in ten Florida 4th graders say their math class work is too easy, according to an analysis of student survey data by the Center for American Progress. The survey also found 30 percent of Florida 8th graders read five or fewer pages in class or for homework each day. And more than two-thirds […]

Adding Up The Cost Of Florida’s Absenteeism

Yesterday we told you about a new study tabulating the often hidden cost of absenteeism. But it isn’t hidden in Florida, which is one of a handful of states which tracks chronic absenteeism. Florida considers students who miss 21 or more days of schools as chronically absent. Rural school districts tend to have higher rates […]

Explaining The Creeping Cost Of Missing School

As many as 15 million students are missing at least one in 10 days of school every year, reducing their chance of graduating from high school or college. That’s according to a new report from GetSchooled.org and researchers at Johns Hopkins University. At a weekend education conference in Philadelphia, GetSchooled and other experts cited three […]

Florida Not Producing Enough College Graduates To Meet Job Market Demand

Florida is not producing enough college graduates to meet the projected job market needs by 2018, according to a new report from the Lumina Foundation. The Sunshine State ranks 31st in the nation for the percentage of adults who have earned a college degree. About 36.5 percent of state residents have earned an associate’s, bachelor’s […]

The Catch-22 Of Florida Charter School Funding

Earlier this week we wrote about a new study showing charter schools receive about 70 cents, per student, for every dollar district schools receive. The report included a few policy changes that would help even out the funding. One change was to make charter schools the Local Education Authority — a legal term that equates […]

Should Florida Charter Schools Receive Equal Funding?

Charter schools receive about 70 cents for every dollar budgeted to a traditional district schools, per student, according to a new analysis from Florida TaxWatch. Florida TaxWatch argues a handful of changes could eliminate the disparity, including requiring school districts to share local money for buildings and repairs and allowing charter schools to be their […]

STEM Students And Programs Focus of University of South Florida Study

University of South Florida professor Will Tyson recently won a $1.2 million National Science Foundation grant to study science, technology, engineering and math education, known as STEM. STEM is a hot topic in education circles as policy makers try to figure out ways to produce more graduates with high-tech skills necessary for a transforming economy.Gov. […]

Feedback Loop: Classroom Warfare

Few things get teachers talking quite like their paycheck, so we knew a recent post about a teacher salary study would get some reaction. And did it ever. Most people criticized the study, conducted by two conservative-leaning think tanks, with some picking apart the methodology. A few said the criticism of teacher pay is the […]

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