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Deciphering Dueling Stats on Graduation Rates

It sounded like a story guaranteed to irritate taxpayers: a national study out of Rutgers university says more and more public high school students are taking longer than four years to graduate. Instead, they’re in school for five or six — or more —  years! But Florida school officials say that’s not a problem here. […]

Study Finds Family More Important Than Education For Success

Family and wealth — and not education — are the most important factors in whether a child succeeds in life according to 30-year study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Children whose parents were married and working ended up better off than peers in poor or single-parent homes. Just 33 of the nearly […]

Not Your Typical Summer School: A Summer Camp Fights Learning Loss Using The Common Core

It’s summertime and Angela Maxey, principal of Sallye B. Mathis Elementary School, is observing a classroom of 9- and 10-year-olds draw and identify different kinds of triangles. “Remember this is fourth grade—they’ve just finished third grade, but they’re learning fourth grade curriculum,” says Maxey. “It’s all Common Core.” This is not your traditional summer school. […]

Feedback Loop: More About Math Edcuation

Yesterday we wrote about a National Center on Education and the Economy study which argued students were learning a lot of math they won’t end up using in their career. And schools were not spending enough time on more fundamental concepts in elementary and middle school which were more likely to be used by workers. […]

Study: Schools And Colleges Are Teaching The Wrong Type Of Math

Community college students are needlessly assigned to remedial math classes to learn lessons they won’t use during their studies, according to new research from a Washington, D.C. group. And the study also found that many high school graduates are not learning subjects they will need to use in their careers. The study was produced by […]

Researcher Tears Apart Gates Foundation Teacher Evaluation Study

University of Arkansas education professor Jay P. Greene has weighed in on the BIll and Melinda Gates Foundation’s conclusions about its teacher evaluation study. Greene says the foundation’s conclusions were based on the politics of convincing teachers and school districts of the merits of evaluations, and not data. He takes particular aim at classroom observations, […]

Report: College Remedial System Needs A Major Overhaul

A new report says college remedial education programs are not working, often have no bearing on a student’s field of study and should be scrapped. Instead, researchers from Complete College America argue, most students should have to take a set of core classes to prepare them for college. These courses should match up with the […]

Harvard Researcher Says Third Graders Benefit From Retention And Extra Instruction

Florida’s policy of retaining third graders based on state standardized test scores has a positive long-term impact on those students, according to a new study from the Brookings Institute. Retention only works when the students who are held back are provided with extra instruction and the money to fund those programs, according to Harvard University […]

Students Benefit From More Class Time, If Used Wisely

Students who spend more time in class will perform better in class and on standardized tests. But schools must focus on individual student needs, assessment and staff training. That’s the conclusion of a National Center on Time and Learning report looking at programs in 30 schools which add time to the school day or extend […]

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