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Political Correctness Challenges Campus Free Speech

Know the joke about how many college students it takes to screw in a light bulb? Probably not, since it’s not a real joke. Nor is the decision some comedians are making to avoid college campuses where they say students today are too easily offended. Back in June, comedian Jerry Seinfeld told ESPN radio that […]

New Database Shows How Student Earnings Compare For Florida Colleges

Lots of schools promise to train students to be nurses, technicians or other in-demand medical careers. But a new federal database shows that isn’t always the case. At some schools only a small percentage of students who attend using federal grants or loans earn more than a high school graduate a decade after enrolling in […]

Incentives Help Florida College Students Complete Math Courses, Study Finds

Hillsborough Community College students who were paid cash bonuses were more likely to complete remedial math courses and meet with math tutors, according to a new study from social science research firm MDRC. The study looked at students in Hillsborough Community College’s Mathematics Access Performance Scholarship program, which pays students $600 per semester for three […]

Charting Florida College And University Graduates By Pay

The Florida Department of Education released the first edition of an annual report compiling Florida college and university graduate earning data last week. Generally, graduates with science degrees were more likely to earn more in their first year of employment after college. But which school’s graduates earned the most money? Check out these charts created […]

New Florida Report Tracks State College And University Graduate Earnings

Science degrees pay. And generally, the higher the degree one earns the more they can expect to be paid — even within their field. That’s two conclusions from a first-of-its-kind economic study of Florida’s college and university graduates. Lawmakers required the annual reports two years ago, part of a push to tie the state’s education […]

Salaries Of Florida College Presidents Under Scrutiny

Some Florida college presidents are better compensated than their peers at Florida’s 12 state universities. But so far, only the colleges have the attention of Gov. Rick Scott. The Governor’s Office issued a report yesterday showing the wide range of salaries among Florida college presidents. Scott requested the review last October after Florida State College in […]

Last Year’s High School Grads Not Expected to Do Well in College This Year

Florida students aren’t as prepared for college as students in other states. That’s according to this year’s Condition of College and Career Readiness report released Wednesday. It looks at ACT test scores to project how well high school grads would do in first year college courses. About 70 percent of Florida’s graduating class took the ACT […]

Explaining How A Florida College Database Might Help You Earn $6,500 More

Need help deciding on a college? A new web tool from the Florida Department of Education enables students and parents to wade through the options. The Smart College Choices web portal lays out graduation rates, employment statistics and earnings data for graduates of Florida’s 28 public institutions. Users can see how much money graduates in […]

Florida Gets Bragging Rights On National Higher Education Report Card

When people yell “We’re number 1!” about a Florida university, usually they’ve got a foam finger on their hand. But a new national study from the Institute for a Competitive Workforce on university and college performance and policy is giving state higher ed leaders a new reason to crow. Florida accomplished what no other state […]

Why It’s Harder for College Students to Get Financial Aid This Summer

College students  who need to go to summer school have few choices for grants and scholarships. And their options just shrank. The federal government is no longer giving out a need-based Pell Grant to help students pay for summer tuition. And the replacement is more loans. Senior Courtney Johnson has taken summer courses at Florida International […]

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