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Fla. Senate Recommends USF Get the Biggest Budget Cut

The University of South Florida is holding an emergency meeting today after a recommendation to disproportionately cut USF’s budget, compared to other state Universities. Of the $400 million recommended to be cut from the entire state university system, $79 million would come from USF, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The budget recommendation comes after Polytechnic […]

Florida College Tuition: Going Up, But Still a Relative Bargain

As college students “Occupy USF” this afternoon, one of their biggest complaints is the rising cost of tuition. Yes, it’s up…but it’s still cheaper to go to college in Florida than just about anywhere else. Our friends at The Florida Current have come up with a cool graphic showing the tuition trends, which they’re allowing […]

USF Polytechnic: Five Pros and Five Cons for Independence

USF Polytechnic could soon shed the “USF” and become Florida’s 12th independent public university, but is that a good idea? On Wednesday afternoon, Florida’s Board of Governors is scheduled to talk about, and perhaps vote on, whether USF Polytechnic in Polk County should be allowed to split from the University of South Florida.

Nearly-Deported DREAM Act Student Shamir Ali: In His Own Words

Days after Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told StateImpact Florida that DREAM Act student Shamir Ali was a “fugitive alien,” Ali was released from detention. We got in touch with Ali, who is now making new college plans. Ali says he shouldn’t have been facing deportation and is thankful to be out. Here’s Ali, in his own words: “I am […]

How Can More University Grads Get Hired? Gov. Scott Says He’s Listening

Gov. Rick Scott sat down for an interview with WLRN’s Phil Latzman this morning. StateImpact Florida slipped Phil a few questions. Here’s a transcript of Scott’s responses. Listen to the full interview here. Q: Studies show that half of STEM graduates — science, technology, engineering and math — choose careers in other fields. What specific […]

Feedback Loop: Anthropology 101

Our story last week looking at Bureau of Labor Statistics data in the wake of Gov. Rick Scott’s criticism of anthropology majors generated more conversation than anything else we’ve done at StateImpact Florida. Anthromajor, expressing the majority opinion, said the skills learned are not the domain of tweedy eggheads and translate to business: I am […]

Gov. Scott Not Apologizing to Anthropologists

Florida Governor Rick Scott is still answering questions after he suggested Florida colleges and universities should get less funding for social science programs, and more funding for science, engineering, technology and math programs, or STEM fields. Scott told a Miami radio station that he’s related to the angriest anthropologist he’s heard from so far. With Halloween […]

Gov. Scott’s Letter to Universities

We told you this morning that Gov. Rick Scott had sent a letter to state universities asking a series of questions in an effort to gauge their performance. The letter is part of Scott’s larger push to reevaluate the way state universities operate. Here’s a copy of the letter he sent to the University of […]

A Closer Look at Florida University Salaries

One of every eight state university employees earns at least $100,000, according to a salary database Gov. Rick Scott posted yesterday. More than half of state university employees earn less than $50,000. Scott posted the data to a website Monday, though it was already available online. Scott’s spokesman said the public has a right to […]

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