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Bush: Florida Standards “Not Substantially Different” From Common Core

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Gov. Rick Scott at a campaign stop in Homestead.

John O'Connor / StateImpact Florida

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Gov. Rick Scott at a campaign stop in Homestead.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush hit the campaign trail with current Gov. Rick Scott on Friday.

Bush has been one of the nation’s most prominent supporters of the Common Core math and language arts standards adopted by dozens of states, including Florida.

Scott? Not so much.

After initially supporting the standards, Scott withdrew support for the federally-funded exams designed by multi-state coalitions. Last fall, under pressure from conservative and liberal Common Core critics, Scott asked the state Department of Education to hold public meetings and tweak the standards.

Eventually, the state added calculus, tweaked a few other things and renamed them the Florida Standards. But, the changes left Common Core largely untouched.

Scott now says Common Core is out of Florida.

So how does that jibe with Bush’s support of Scott?

As he has in the past, Bush said Friday he supports the alterations. But Bush conceded not much changed about the standards besides the name.

“They’re not substantially different, but they’re Florida-based,” Bush said, “after listening to a whole lot of people express concerns and support.

“I think he was correct to do the review and I think the review ended up with really good results…I’m all in on what his efforts were on that.”

Common Core critics aren’t buying it.

Another interesting tidbit: One of the changes maintained the teaching of cursive in elementary school. Bush said leaving cursive out of Common Core was an “oversight.”


  • Florida Mom

    Scott is a waste. He only said their were changes to appease tea party members – when in fact they remain Common Core Standards. Florida already had high standards so what is the fuss about? I am grateful that cursive writing was added back in as children who can’t read or write in cursive are left to be challenged adults. Although I never voted for Jeb Bush I am glad he stayed firm on supporting children and the CC standards.

    • Jason T

      Wait and see if your support for more teaching to the test based education is right for all kids. Its all the same with no child left behind and the FCAT. (Real winner there. Sarc). You really think narrowing what is taught and tested is better than a well rounded education. Maybe if we want our kids to be drones. Think of it this way. Are any of these politicians kids going to public school. NO

      • Paul_Henry1

        As far as I know, Libertarian Adrian Wyllie’s kids went to public school if that is a criteria for voting. He’s the only relevant candidate for Florida Governor that opposes Common Core, which Crist applied for and Scott merely renamed.
        “I will fight to repeal Common Core, and I will reject or nullify any
        unconstitutional federal usurpation of our children’s education.”

    • Chris Q

      Common Core standards are neither more rigorous or helping our children. Costs have soared while test scores this year will plummet. Over $2.5 Billion was the estimated cost for implementation by the Chair of the State Board of Education. He also said the costly testing we are doing is providing results that are statistically invalid while still being used to grade students and teachers, schools and districts. Our education system is in turmoil and teachers, students, and administrators are stressed out. If you are a Florida Mom, please wake up and look what your kids are bringing home. Check out http://www.facebook.com/stopcommoncorefl

  • Chris Q

    I just wish the media could get this right. The New Next Generation Sunshine State Standards ARE Common Core. There has never been any question. It is so written in Legislation. There was a small bit, less than 5% added, which will not be tested in spite of massive statewide resistance to the standards . The new AIR test is from an arm of Smarter Balance, another unaccountable test group, but one with NO academic testing experience. They have only done psychological testing in the past. Millions of dollars are spent in each district to do testing which is never used to help students at all, just to grade teachers schools and districts for purposes of paying them. These results can’t even be used as Chair Gary Chartrand said in the Oct 15th meeting of the State Board of Education, they are statistically invalid. See http://www.stopcommoncoreflorida.com for more information

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