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Read The Business Plan For Florida’s New Online University

Lawmakers have asked the University of Florida to create an online-only university to launch in January.


Lawmakers have asked the University of Florida to create an online-only university to launch in January.

Tomorrow the Florida university system board of governors will meet to discuss University of Florida Online.

Lawmakers created the university this spring after studying online options for two years. The online-only university will be part of the University of Florida and is scheduled to start classes in January. Supporters say the school will more access to a flagship Florida university, where 29,000 people apply for 6,400 slots each year.

The school will initially offer baccalaureate degrees in five majors and eventually expand to 35 majors by the fall of 2019.

UF Online will enroll both in-state and out-of-state students. School officials expect a total enrollment of 24,000 students by the school’s 10th year –  57 percent of students will be in-state and 43 percent out-of-state.

Online students will have access to the same support services as resident students, including health and wellness, personal support, mental health counselors and career advice. The business plan recommends online students will pay 75 percent of in-state tuition, or $112 per credit hour.

After the jump, you can read the full business plan.


  • Educator1

    Hmm… looks like Florida will soon be #1 for having the least respected public college in the U.S.. Our “innovation” reigns supreme, ha ha.

    But hey, we’re cheap!

  • Sitem Manager

    It’s nice initiative by Florida university system board of governors, as we need something cheap yet Valuable in education system to produce better and knowledgeable work force.

    Let’s see how soon they execute the plan effectively for all.



    • rbirds

      This comment is nothing more than a means to promote outrageously expensive, for-profit, online universities.

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