Putting Education Reform To The Test

Three-Day Education Summit Underway In Clearwater

Miami-Dade superintendent Alberto Carvalho introduces himself at Gov. Rick Scott's education summit.

John O'Connor / StateImpact Florida

Miami-Dade superintendent Alberto Carvalho introduces himself at Gov. Rick Scott's education summit.

Florida educators have kicked off a three-day education summit in Clearwater to discuss standards, testing, the state school grading formula and teacher evaluations.

Gov. Rick Scott invited more than three dozen people to the summit, including parents, teachers, principals, superintendents, representatives from unions and other professional groups, lawmakers, business leaders and others.

So far, participants have introduced themselves and laid out their policy beliefs by way of praising strengths of Florida’s accountability system. Department of Education staff is briefing attendees on the four summit topics.

Interim education commissioner Pam Stewart said the state has a “moral, ethical and legal obligation” to make sure tests actually measure Florida’s education standards. Stewart also said the formulas for school grades and teacher evaluations should be easy to understand.

Teacher evaluations should be “fair, transparent and needs to identify strengths and ways that teachers can improve their craft,” Stewart said.

You can watch the summit at The Florida Channel. Tomorrow, the summit will take up standards in the morning and testing in the afternoon. Wednesday, the summit will discuss the school grading formula in the morning and teacher evaluations in the afternoon.


  • Michael Sirbola

    To pad ones employment numbers one dumbs-down education to keep labor wages low and attract businesses, then instead of seeing expenditures rise by providing services for the excess labor one needs to keep the payscale this low, one profits and creates employment by incarcerating this excess. Kids are nothing but “meat” to be profited from by intentionally dumbing them down and funneling them through profit making schools or prisons or both while making ones employment numbers appear high – it worked in Hitlers Germany, with a few variations, but the same exact strategy to create a fast improvement for a chosen “class” as a POLITICAL and ECONOMIC strategy – instead of a vulnerable population of Jews we have a vulnerable population of youth.

    Psych. screenings for kids are great idea save for its being carried forward by criminal mentalities to further scapegoat our children for the crimes of adults:

    MIAMI-DADE SCHOOL DISTRICT’S NEW PSYCHOLOGICAL SCREENING PROCEDURES: Zero Tolerance and faux anti-bullying rhetoric are the bread and butter of an out of control police-state based on fear and scapegoating of youth for both economic and political gain by politicians and profiteers on both sides of the aisle. This is fact. Our policies are not based on compassion, no one doubts this. We know what it is about. We go along with it. They are scum and so are we all that allow and so enable it.

    30% of those that are bullied, are bullies, and about 30% of bullies, are themselves bullying victims. It’s important to keep in mind this isn’t about catching “perpetrators” as much as about providing compassion for both bullies and bullied. Instead we adults model bullying behaviors in our schools as if to teach kids HOW TO bully with our inhumane ZERO TOLERANCE policy. We then supposedly wish our kids to not mimic and act out the BULLYING behaviors we exhibit towards children, which they see us doing to them daily in many cases.

    Our schools look like prisons that have been plastered over with colorful cheap construction paper. Pitiful. They should be full of local treasures and cool things like a cross between a favorite uncles attic and a museum. Ask any child in any k-12 grade if their school looks like a hospital or a prison – ask them! Go look yourself! We show our children EXACTLY how much we value them the moment they step onto a school’s property. They see, they know. Shame on us all.

    We now wish to provide mental screenings for them NOT because half have serious thoughts of suicide by 18 and a third have experienced criminal abuse of some form in their lives and are victims that we wish to help, but BECAUSE we fear them! They are victims of ADULTS, fewer than one in a thousand is born with a defect making them BULLIES to be – as a result of mom’s drinking or drug use having deformed their brains to look like warped peanuts in these VERY-few cases. All the rest – the result of THINGS DONE THEM BY ADULTS AND ADULT SOCIETY.

    We hide all of this from them and from ourselves, how convenient – for us adults. We are the guilty parties, not children. Shame on us all. Children are INNOCENT scapegoats for our CRIMINALITY. Those in charge of these policies know EXACTLY what they are doing. Anyone that cares about kids, bullying, or child suicides, etc. would rail against Zero Tolerance; I hear very little to this effect. We adults are pathetic. Sigh! Both sides of the political aisle are guilty, but there are a few stand-outs regionally and individually in their willingness to see political and monetary gain at any cost. Powerful groups such as the National Association of Educators, NAE, and National Association of School Boards, NASB, are now shamelessly dedicated to protecting the welfare not of children, but of their members and their members assets.


    The Scapegoat Generation by Michael Males

    The War on Kids (2009) | Watch Documentary Free Online

    ZERO Tolerance for ZERO Tolerance in Our Schools – Support Dream Defenders

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