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Common Core Opponents Expecting Protesters From Across The State

P.G. Schafer, a Tea Party member, holds a sign to protest Common Core across the street from Marion Technical Institute where school administrators were meeting on Southeast Fort King Street in Ocala, Fla. on Wednesday, April 3, 2013.

Bruce Ackerman / Ocala Star-Banner/Landov

P.G. Schafer, a Tea Party member, holds a sign to protest Common Core across the street from Marion Technical Institute where school administrators were meeting on Southeast Fort King Street in Ocala, Fla. on Wednesday, April 3, 2013.

A group organizing a protest Saturday at an Orlando conference for new common education standards is expecting caravans of protesters from around the state and country will join them.

Florida Parents Against Common Core expects groups from Southwest Florida, Port St. Lucie, West Palm, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia will join them at 11:30 Saturday morning near the JW Marriott hotel.

Laura Zorc, an organizer with the group, says the goal is to convince the legislature to approve a bill which would delay Common Core implementation so it can be studied. Zorc also wants a study to determine whether the standards violate the state constitution or U.S. Constitution.

The hotel is hosting a national two-day training session on the Common Core State Standards.

Florida is one of 45 states which have adopted the English, literacy and math standards. They are scheduled to be fully implemented in Florida schools in the fall of 2014.

Critics worry the common standards will mean a loss of local control  over education decisions, worry about the cost and oppose an increase in standardized testing and collection of student data, among other concerns.

A FreedomWorks training session for activists has been rescheduled after the original location cancelled the group’s reservations. Organizers are only sending the new location to those interested in attending.

Common Core opponents have found success in Indiana and other states, but have yet to gain much traction in Florida.


  • VLJ2890

    Boy – the writer is really out of touch when saying there isn’t much traction in Florida. There is a firestorm of groups in Florida protesting Common Core. Don’t forget the Republican National Committee issued a resolution against Common Core. But we have RINO Jeb Bush here who is pushing Common Core, and we have pro-Common Core APPOINTED (he was fired from elected office in Indiana) Education Commissioner Tony Bennett. Those two guys helped kill bills this year to delay Common Core, but the bills will be back. Look at the Factsheet on Common Core to learn more at http://www.tinyurl.com/HaltCommonCoreNow . It cites MANY , MANY sources including Florida groups against Common Core. Many of them are on Facebook.

  • Fed up with lazy parents

    You all need to get a life. If parents actually took the time to help their children with their homework maybe we could compete with other countries. Third world countries emphasis education to their children. Start taking responsibility for you child’s lack of education. Most parents show little interest in child’s education. Get some balls! Cry babies….

  • Karen Bracken

    As long as Jeb Bush is still running Florida Common Core will never be stopped by the legislature. It will take an all out revolt of the citizens to stop it. I say pull your kids out of school. If your kids are REALLY important to you above all else you will find a way to educate them until the Governor comes to his senses and kicks Bush to the curb and starts running the state allowing the will of the people to decide what is best not Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush like Bill Gates is all about the money folks and make no mistake about that. People in their bracket are competing with each other to be the richest and the most powerful people in the world so they never have enough money or enough power until they can wear the crown of the “richest most powerful” then they have to fight to keep the title. So the uber wealthy are no different than our politicians. They all understand only 2 things. Getting power and keeping power. And what better way than to control future generations of people through education. The computer is a curse as well as a blessing. We have allowed it to take over our lives rather than an instrument to enhance our lives. When there are no books and all we have is the computer history will be re-written on a daily basis. It will be the history only our captors will want us to know. Sounds a little like Communism. No heck it IS Communism and that is the road we are traveling. We are already a socialist country so don’t kid yourself into thinking Obama is a Socialist. He is far beyond a Socialist. Socialism is only the first step to Communism and we have been a Socialist country for well over 50 years.
    GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF SCHOOL. Find a way. Even if your kid sits home for a year he/she will be better off when the fight is over and you have saved your child’s future. FIND A WAY. You can do it. Get a good program (one that is NOT Common Core based….and there are several good ones out there) get granny, or a retired teacher or do it yourself at night when you come home from work. BUT DO IT. If we don’t stop Common Core this country is done.

  • Amanda

    There has been a Bully in the room. Friday, teachers voted to finally back up parents. Now, we have the support of teachers to pull our children from high stakes tests. It started in Scarsdale. Parents of third graders realized “you are telling me my kid can only fail?” But it just got energized in Atlanta. At the NEA meeting, the National Education Association, the teacher’s union, voted to support parents who Opt Out their kids from testing. This is monumental. The Orlando facebook group Central Florida Fights High Stakes Testing has successfully worked with parents and teachers to both opt out kids but also to appear before our local school boards to facilitate others ability to do so. We support the parents that we encourage to speak to the school board as many have done, we support the protests like the one that occurred in Orlando and we support the science and math that show there is no validity whatsoever to these procedures that are mislabeled as tests. Orlando is the blue collar capital of the USA and the correlation is clear, higher poverty means fewer pass. It is a simple enough straight line correlation even your third grader could explain it to you. There is 57% reduced price/ free lunch here and so over 50% of tenth graders just flunked our new FCAT which is a baseline test for the Parcc. Flunk the FCAT, flunk to the streets without a high school diploma. Jeb Bush, former Florida governor, may not have been as bad as current governor, Rick Scott. the worse governor in the country, but he is just as despised for his self aggrandizing push to steal billions of tax dollars by punishing our children. He benefits directly from this testing. We have stood up and said no. Teachers are standing with us. We will stand up against The Bully.

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