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Report: Florida Among The Cheapest States In Spending Per Student


Florida is among the states that spend the least on students, according to a report from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Florida spent $8,887 on each public school student in 2011, making it one of the lowest states in the nation for per-pupil spending.

The totals from the U.S. Census Bureau – including federal revenue – were compiled before Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature cut about $1.3 billion from education funding.

Since then, the state has put about $2 billion back into education, so Florida students may be faring a little better these days.

For example, Florida’s share of per-student spending is going up by more than $400 in the budget year starting in July.

The numbers from the Public Education Finances: 2011 report are from data collected through the end of June 2011.

Florida ranked number 42 in student spending. The national average at that time was $10,560 per student.

The report includes details about spending on instruction, student transportation, salaries and employee benefits.



  • DPossible

    And it shows. Don’t need to say much more than that.

  • Gabino Cuevas

    And DC has the highest spending per pupil and the WORST performing schools. What does any of this have to do with how students perform?

  • Chris Guerrieri

    Comparing Florida to one city wracked with poverty is ignorant at best. People who live their lives purchasing the cheapest items possible often get what they pay for.

  • Jason

    Yes, that FL Gov is super intelligent. Take out money for education and then just before reelection campaigning reinsert the funds and look like a hero. Snookered!

  • Betty

    Florida is actually more advance than many states.

  • Betty

    I have had students enter my classroom from Massachusetts and had to retain them because they had not been taught the skills our students are required to know. I have had several students from Texas, and their parents could not believe how far their children were behind. Florida looks bad because our standards are higher than other states.

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