Putting Education Reform To The Test

Common Core Critics Want Republicans To Oppose Standards

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters/Landov

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus.

The Republican National Committee is meeting in Hollywood this week, and could take up a resolution opposing new education standards fully adopted by Florida, 44 other states and the District of Columbia.

The blog Truth In American Education has posted what it says is the resolution opposing the standards, known as Common Core. The document serves as a good compilation of criticisms of Common Core. They include:

  • Two private membership groups, the National Governor’s Association and The Council of Chief State School Officers, led the efforts to create the standards. Those groups took money from outside groups to advocate for the standards.
  • The standards have never been tested.
  • With the promise of federal money, the federal government encouraged states to adopt the standards before they could review them.
  • Common standards will make it easier to collect more student data.
  • And, past Republican Party positions have opposed “one size fits all” education policies. Common Core standards remove choice and competition.

We’ve written before about efforts to head off conservative opposition to Common Core standards.

Academics have questioned whether the standards are better than what many states have already adopted. And others have noted the new standards will mean increasing the amount of standardized testing.

For a rebuttal in defense of the standards, check out this piece from Kathleen Porter-Magee and Sol Stern.


  • Righter wingsU

    Nothing to see here.. Move along people.

  • jbkburack

    Nothing would do MORE to end my ever having anything do with Republicans again than if they caved to the lunatics of the right like Beck who are leading the charge against Common Core..That charge is one of the loopiest anti-intellectual crusades since the campaigns against fluoridated water.

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