Putting Education Reform To The Test

Gov. Scott Is Asking Nicely: Please Pay Teachers More

Joe Raedle / Getty Images News

Last year Gov. Rick Scott threatened a veto if lawmakers didn't match the education funding in his budget.

A year ago, Gov. Rick Scott drew a line in the sand for lawmakers listening to his State of the State speech.

Scott wanted $1 billion added to the K-12 education budget. Nothing less.

“And I ask you to please consider that recommendation very carefully,” Scott said, according to the prepared speech. “On this point, I just cannot budge. I ask you again today to send me a budget that significantly increases state funding for education.”

Lawmakers agreed.

Scott was back with another education-related request in his State of the State speech Tuesday, but this time his approach to winning support for across-the-board $2,500 raises for teachers was more carrot, less stick.

Scott argued teachers deserve a raise. And then he asked lawmakers to remember a a favorite teacher. Scott didn’t threaten a veto if lawmakers disagree.

“Like me, you all are probably here today thanks to a great teacher who believed in you,” Scott said. Then Scott asked for a show of support — at once literal and metaphorical.

“Will you please stand now in honor of that great teacher?”


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