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Feedback Loop: Should Foreign High-Tech Grads Have A Shot At U.S. Jobs?

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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is leading an effort to make it easier for foreign graduates of U.S. universities to get a visa.

Earlier this week we told you about an effort among university presidents asking the federal government to make it easier for foreign high-tech graduates to get a U.S. work visa.

The effort has big-name backing from New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch.

The goal is to reduce an expected shortage of scientists, engineers and other technology workers.

But many StateImpact Florida readers don’t agree.

Niniane says:

We already have a horrendous problem with illegal aliens coming to take our menial jobs, and now these fools want to give international students amnesty to take more skilled jobs. Besides the STEM students, there was a story on CNS about illegal aliens given the right to learn to fly commercial airliners at a school owned by an illegal alien who was also a qualified pilot.

We need to make sure Americans are fully employed before we start extending this kind of crap to foreigners. Of course, with Obama in charge, everyone can trump Americans and the few taxpayers left will make sure they get every comfort they ever dreamed of.

Kennyalligood feels similarly:

It is not xenophobia it is giving jobs and opportunities to unemployed, experienced and educated Americans. It would warm my heart if folks in this country would be more concerned about America and her citizens than the rest of the world. But if you silk feel that foreigners are more deserving than Americans maybe you should look at how much the H1B visa numbers have been skyrocketing over the past few years. Why create another obstacle for Americans??

But DrBillLemoine supports the idea:

I have 2 Chinese friends here getting or having graduate degrees and another in China who have skills we can use and who love this country. One is here now, one is returning on a new visa next month and the third wants to attend Harvard for an MBA. I’ve sponsored or encouraged all of them for visas and internships or degrees. In my case I can use their financial and international relations skills for my business. Two masters and a possible PHD upcoming. Bring them here if they want and have such skills any day.

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