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The Secret Lives of Students: How Facebook And YouTube Pop Up in Class

Breakthrough Miami

Garcy Lawson, 12, says using technology in class keeps students interested, but also distracts them.

For today’s installment in our series, The Secret Lives of Students, we hear from one student about the good and bad aspects of using technology in the classroom. 

Editor’s note: This post was written by elementary school student Garcy Lawson. 

By Garcy Lawson, 12

One thing that I like about school is that we use a lot of technology. Our assignments are online; we e-mail our teachers for help and use online textbooks.

These things are all great as they keep students interested in class. But a lot of times, they also cause distractions.

Someone always has a problem with someone else’s desktop wallpaper, and feels as if they have to comment.

For example, a picture saying “One Direction sucks” could literally start a war.

Another issue is that Facebook and YouTube always magically pop up, which disturbs the class again. Sometimes, they forget to plug their earphones into their laptops, and other times they do it on purpose!

Then there’s the internet which has been causing distractions since the year 2000 and something. It’s very hard for the teachers to teach on their laptops or on the projector, and watch the entire class’ laptops at the same time.

The same people are always getting caught every single time – playing with soundboards and making the class roar with laughter.

And then there’s the ultimate punishment – a demerit.

Sounds scary, huh? Not really!

There are kids at my school who are famous for getting demerits. It’s just a piece of paper.

Demerits get old pretty fast! But how do I know all this anyway? I’ve never gotten a demerit!

Technology is very useful and makes life easier, especially in class.

But if technology is to be used in classes, students are going to have to learn to use it properly, by not using it as a distraction in class.

Garcy Lawson, 12, is a rising 7th grade student at The Cushman School. During the summer school program with Breakthrough Miami she attends the Miami Country Day school campus.

For the next month we’ll hear from students about life in Florida schools. They’ll open up about tricks they learn to pass the FCAT, using outdated textbooks, school cliques, and other aspects of school life.


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