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Bloggers Promote Florida Polytechnic University Independence

John O'Connor / StateImpact Florida

A model of the future Florida Polytechnic campus.

We told you recently about Florida Poly Vision, Inc. The group was formed to provide vocal and financial support for Florida’s 12th public university, Florida Polytechnic.

Now the group has launched the Florida Poly Vision Blog.

“Florida Polytechnic has become a reality because of an ongoing and necessary vision for independence,” said Cliff Otto, co-chair for Florida Poly Vision. “We are proud to be introducing our latest education and support tool to keep our community and statewide supporters informed of our latest efforts and any developing news.”

Polytechnic won its independence from the University of South Florida earlier this year when state lawmakers decided it should split off on its own.

Here’s an excerpt from the Poly Vision Blog’s first entry:

The leadership and nearly 100 members that make up Poly Vision, Inc. are standing together to let all potential educators, administrators, parents and students know that Polk County will soon be home to a world-class education facility, and our community is ready to welcome you!

Could our future innovators get their next opportunity from Florida Polytechnic University?

We think so, and we hope to send a message to all potential students and dreamers, would-be inventors and innovators, trailblazers and pioneers, that FPU will soon open its doors. That their dreams could soon be realized as a future graduate of Florida’s 12th university.

“A lot has been accomplished so far for Florida Polytechnic to begin its journey to become a high-standard, innovative institution for future STEM graduates,” said Vic Story, co-chair for Florida Poly Vision.

The university’s 13-member Board of Trustees is still being filled. The governor will choose six members, and the State University System Board of Governors will choose five. A student and a faculty representative will complete the board.

Not everyone likes Polytechnic’s independence.

A very different website, floridapolytechnic.net, criticizes Gov. Rick Scott for not vetoing the bill that created Polytechnic. It asks readers to email Scott and “urge him to find a way to prevent this ill-conceived plan from going any further.”

Opponents seem most upset about money being spent on Polytechnic instead of being used to shore up programs at the other 11 public universities.


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