Putting Education Reform To The Test

Read The Florida School Boards Association FCAT Resolution


The Florida School Boards Association approved a resolution opposing the current use of FCAT Thursday.

The Florida School Boards Association passed a resolution opposing the current use of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test Thursday.

The vote is the strongest opposition yet to the FCAT and Florida’s accountability system to assure teachers, schools and districts are educating students.

A dozen state school boards have already passed a similar measure.

Read the resolution below. We’ve noted two sections that were debated Thursday.


  • Monty

    Kudo’s to FSBA for standing up to the Commissioner and Bush behind the throne to insist on doing what is right for kids, teachers, schools and communities. I also appreciate FSBA adding in the final resolve, calling on Congress to overhaul NCLB (in language taken from the National Resolution on High Stakes Testing at http://timeoutfromtesting.org/nationalresolution/). NCLB – followed by Race to the Top and so-called ‘waivers’ have intensified testing, but FL state government have added lots of its own fuel to the fire. Time to stop burning the kids. 

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