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Florida Principals Get Social Media Tool For Collaboration


Think of it as an online teachers’ lounge. Instead of sitting on a couch talking over coffee, principals can share best practices and lesson plans online.

School leaders in Florida are getting an assist from the Florida Department of Education to more effectively communicate with their fellow educators.

DOE is partnering with Novachi Online Education System to launch Florida’s Principal Community Collaboration (PCC), a free online tool.

PCC will be overseen by DOE Deputy Director of Educator Relations Kelly Seay, who manages the department’s web-based social platforms. Seay says the collaboration will enhance communication with educators at every level of the public school system.

“If we can expand the reach of our principals,” said Seay, “we have more opportunities to improve student achievement and find strategies that work for our teachers in the classroom.”

The PCC application is available to all Florida school principals. Principals may retrieve their account information with their school email address.

To invite school faculty, students, and parents, principals may use the Teacher Classroom Collaboration (TCC) application, which is also available for everyone.The TCC is a social learning platform that provides virtual classrooms with a social network. The application combines social networking features with private classroom-level security.

Novachi offers free programs for public and private schools. Its Integrated Education System (IES), known as Novachi 2.0, was released in January. IES was introduced at the 2012 Florida Education Technology Conference.


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