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How Trayvon Martin’s High School Reacted To His Public Death

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Students at Krop Senior High in Miami wore hooded sweatshirts to remember slain classmate Trayvon Martin.

It’s been nearly a month since self-appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teen in Sanford, Fla.

Martin’s death has inspired a national debate about race and justice.

But at the high school Martin attended in Miami, his death had not been announced publicly until today, when the school held a moment of silence for the slain student.

Ashley Aristide is a junior at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High in Miami, where Martin went to school.

She’s having a hard time coping with her friend’s death.

“He’s dead and his killer isn’t even arrested, it just doesn’t make sense to me,” Aristide said. “I just really want justice to be served in this case because it’s not fair.”

But for more than three-weeks, Aristide said no one in the school’s administration was talking to students about Martin.

“They didn’t make any announcement or anything.”

“I think it’s important for us to recognize loss, but I don’t know how fair it is to put that holistic responsibility on schools.”

-Alison Austin, Belafonte Tacolcy Center

The school didn’t publicly announce Martin’s death until today, and only after StateImpact Florida asked the school district about it.

Update at 10:15 a.m. ET Miami-Dade School District Responds 

This morning, the chief communications director for the Miami-Dade County school district, John Schuster, said there is a reason the school did not announce Trayvon’s death on campus.

“Shortly after Trayvon’s death, his parents asked the school’s principal for privacy in the matter,” Schuster said.

But the school did make an announcement anyway after StateImpact Florida started asking around.

Schuster said crisis counselors usually “move from classroom to classroom, announce [a student's] death, and offer services to students.” But because he said the family requested privacy, “counselors could not proceed in the usual manner.”

“As new information has become available regarding the student’s death, counselors continue to be available to address students’ grief, frustration, and anger about the death of their fellow student.”

Our original post, from 3/21 at 5:33 p.m. ET

Trayvon Martin was suspended from the school at the time of his death. The school and the teen’s family have refused to comment on the reason for the suspension. 

The Orlando Sentinel has reported Martin was suspended for tardiness, not misbehavior.

The school’s principal held a moment of silence and in an email told teachers to refer students who looked like they were grieving to counselors.

In other emails the school principal asked teachers to refrain from speaking to the media about Martin because he was a minor, and asked teachers to refrain from lengthy conversations about Martin.

But Aristide says students are talking about it anyway.

“You can’t help it. It’s something that happened. He went to our school.”

School officials handled other student deaths much differently.

Last year another student at the high school, Christopher Belle, died after being hit by a car.

The school orchestra collected donations for Belle’s family and a slide show of Belle was shown at a performance.

“It was definitely different from what they are doing for Trayvon now, which is nothing,” Aristide said. “But it’s simpler to deal with something the way Christopher Belle died and the way Trayvon died.”

Aristide says she understands why the school may not want to openly talk about Martin in class.

“I’m pretty sure the school just doesn’t want that commotion inside the school because learning in that environment would be pretty hard,” she said.

“At the end of the day, that’s not on the curriculum, so if we’re teaching towards the test, talking about that wouldn’t help us prepare for the test.”

Should Schools Address Student Trauma?

Sarah Gonzalez / StateImpact Florida

Ashley Aristide holds up a t-shirt she had made in honor of classmate Trayvon Martin. Martin was shot and killed Feb. 26 by a volunteer neighborhood watchman in an Orlando-area neighborhood.

A spokeswoman for the Miami-Dade school said there is a protocol for dealing with any crisis, whether it’s a student death or a hurricane.

The principal calls the district. The district calls a crisis team. And members of the crisis team go into the school.

It may be a psychologist who can talk to grieving students about a loss. It may be an advocate who can provide clothing for students who lost their belongings in fire.

The district says there is no deadline for the crisis team to go into a school, nor a limit as to how long they will stay.

Some question whether schools should be involved in dealing with student deaths at all.

Alison Austin is CEO of the Belafonte Tacolcy Center that works with youths experiencing trauma in Miami-Dade County.

“Should it be addressed in the schools? I don’t really know if it should or not,” Austin said.

“I think it’s important for us to recognize loss, but I don’t know how fair it is to put that holistic responsibility on schools.”

A teacher at the school, Carlos Montero, said students have not brought up Martin’s case in his science class.

“And I don’t bring it up,” Montero said. “It’s not related to the curriculum.”

Montero said he would only talk about Martin in class if there was a science lesson in it for his students.

“If any student is experiencing any kind of grief we refer them to the counselors.”

-Carlos Montero, Michael M. Krop Senior High teacher

“If any student is experiencing any kind of grief we refer them to the counselors,” Montero said.

And when another teacher avoided the discussion in Aristide’s advanced History class, Aristide says it seemed odd to her.

“It’s a history class so we’re encouraged to watch the news, see what’s going on, and its all over the news so how can you avoid it?”

After the schools moment of silence, some students took to Twitter to show their frustration about the delay.

One tweeted: “I hate my school. Krop waited too long to acknowledge the situation of Trayvon.”

A group of students will wear hoodies to school tomorrow in honor of Trayvon Martin who was wearing a hoodie when he died. Others are wearing the sweatshirts as part of a “million hoodie march” conducted via social networking sites.


  • Please tell your friends, family, & network to do this. This is a social media movement to bring justice, awareness, and support to the family of Trayvon Martin.

    The Idea:
    YOU are Trayvon Martin. WE all are! To join the movement, email a picture of YOU in a HOODIE to 830rooqib@tumblr.com from YOUr phone, computer, or wherever. You picture will upload to the website and hopefully we can have an army of these pictures from people around the world. There’s nothing more to it at this time. Any ideas and help would be appreciated…

    The Do:
    Email a picture of YOU in a Hoodie to 830rooqib@tumblr.com
    Then tell a friend about it through Twitter, Facebook, Email, Youtube or word of mouth…

    The Where:

  • What a bunch of complete morons.

    A “Million Hoodie March” — for what?

    The right to walk through a residential neighborhood looking like a thug?

    A “Million Pillowcase March” by the KKK makes about as much sense.

    Why not wait to find out what actually happened.

    More than 98% of blacks are murdered by non-whites (95% by other blacks) — who marches when those murders aren’t solved or no arrests are made?

    What is the sickness that drives blacks to protest in the odd case when a white kills a black? And, at least thus far, without any illegality?

    I’d like — just ONE TIME — to see blacks protesting about an unsolved black-on-black murder — in reality there should be more than 49 times as many articles about that.

    Why not?

    Because blacks don’t care a bit about blacks being killed.

    They only care about the tiny percentage of blacks killed by whites.

    Absurd, bigoted, and indeed racist.

    • Alex

      Zimmerman’s hispanic, not white. Martin put on his hood because Zimmerman was following him. You can hear him crying for help and begging for his life in the police call. The police were involved before the murder (which this clearly was) even happened. Zimmerman called them. They told him not to follow Martin, he did anyway. The KKK is against all blacks. The “Million Hoodie March” is a tribute to Martin and a plea for justice to be served. It’s not meant to spread hatred. This is no justification of murder, but when blacks kill other blacks, it’s not a hate crime. This was. It wasn’t gang-related, or drug related, or in a crime-infested area, that’s the reason people find this so atrocious, not because the crime was commited by a “white” person.

      • Alex

        Also, it’s not just blacks. People of all ethnicities (including whites) all around the world think this is wrong.

        • Alex,

          Again, you seem not to have read my original post before replying.

          Where did I suggest that it is “just blacks” who “think this is wrong”?

      • The truth teller

        The ONLY eyewitness to this happening has said the help cries came form ZIMMERMAN and not Trayvon. 

        The eyewitness told police that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman beating his face while Zimmerman was the one screaming for help.

        Funny how this got omitted from the “truth” the Main Stream Media presented.

      • Pla12540

        When blacks kill blacks it’s not a hate crime? What the hell is it, a love crime? The only reason this is making all the headlines is he was killed by a white. If he’d been killed by a black he’d be dead and buried and forgotten about. Put whitey on a guilt trip and see what we can get out of it is the name of the game. If Zimmerman is proven to be a racist and killed in cold blood, I say send him away for life. I think when it’s all over this will be another Duke rape case, Professor gates fiasco or Tawana brawley lie.

        • When Whites kill Whites “” SCHOOL KIDS”’ It’s a MENTAL thing????

        • Kj

          If Zimmerman was black and Martin was white, this wouldn’t be a debate. He would’ve been locked up and remained in jail..

      • Dear Alex,

        There is no “crime” or “murder” until someone is convicted of it, let alone a “hate crime”. 

        What may be “obvious” to you requires a trial by jury in the United States of America.

        On what evidentiary basis do you contend that Martin “put on his hood because Martin was following him”? 

        Can you speak to Martin’s state of mind? Might he not have had his hood on because it was raining?

        And since you claim that this was a “hate crime” — can you speak to Zimmerman’s intent? Is it logical to think that if he wanted to murder a black person out of racial animus that he would call the police himself?

        The area was apparently “crime-infested” — reports have included numerous burglaries. 

        No one told Zimmerman not to follow Martin; a 911 dispatcher simply told Zimmerman: “You don’t need to do that.” A far cry from a legal order.

        The sole reason this has gotten the press it has is because early reports suggested a “white vigilante” targeting an innocent black youth. Subsequent facts do not support that characterization.

    • J_Byrd361

       Wrong is wrong. Hate is hate. It’s about respecting life. Not killing because of skin color or ethnicity. Murder never goes ignored in the black community there just not enough voices to bring resolution. But when we ALL (meaning all ethnic groups) get involved and collectivity communicate our disapproval….well now you can see that we NEVER accepted the killing of black youths…hell any youths. But lets face it, black voices alone don’t make huge waves. NONE OF “US” LIKES THIS, WE ARE “ALL” UPSET!

      • J_Byrd361,

        Again, no “murder” has been committed until someone has been convicted in a court of law — this is America.

        Zimmerman is innocent, and will remain 100% innocent of any and all criminal activity until convicted by a jury of his peers.

        Why is that so hard to understand for the people who keep lecturing me?

    • Chill

      You are an idiot. First of all, Martin was not killed by a white person.  Zimmerman is hispanic. Second, this is not an unsolved murder, there are witnesses and a confession. This is not about white/hispanic vs. black, it’s about right  vs. wrong!  Learn the facts before you decide to spew ignorance.

      • “Chill”

        No need to resort to ad hominems unless you have no argument.

        “Hispanic” is capitalized.

        And Hispanics are often described as “white” — there is a category known as “non-Hispanic whites” as well as a category known as “white Hispanics”, currently in use by the New York Times.

        There is no “murder” until there is a conviction. 

        There has been no “confession” to any murder.

        There was a shooting which left a young man dead. 

        That’s the simple fact.

        Is it too much to ask for a rational and courteous response?

        • A Nelson1985

          you are a complete moron Zimmerman confest to the murder of trayvon at the time of the crime you need to do your research

          • wills1111

            Although your discourteous response and your obvious lack of knowledge on the subject barely merit a response, you’re wrong: Zimmerman confessed to shooting Martin, not murdering him. There is, of course, a significant difference that you seem to be unaware of.

          • StoneWalled

            Moron George told how he was attacked by trayvon and shot him in self defense.

      • Right

        Well i don’t care what you said and Zimmerman killed Trayvon so he should pay for what he did and he should be sentenced to life in jail. for what he did..

        • StoneWalled

          George rid the streets of 1 more useless niqqer.

      • user2014

        did you see the picture where the Hispanic shows a broken bleeding nose and blood all over? My son is 16 and he could not hit someone that hard to make those kind of injuries, so, you were not there, you don’t know what happened, other witnesses say the Hispanic guy was on the ground and being beaten and no one would help him. And for the looks of it he was being beaten pretty bad. He should not have shot him but if the thought the black guy on top of him was not going to stop hitting him, then I see he did it on self defense. Put yourself on that position and you let me know what you would do.

        • Donald Schuler

          Your response was right on .Your described action, by action exactly how this confrontation went down . Thank you .

      • Sickofitall

        Actually, he is white. Hispanics are white. It’s a race deal not ethnicity. You should read up on it. Either way this is crazy that the race card is being played. How about when Zimmerman stood up for the homeless black man that was beat up; he took on the Sanford police bc they tried to cover it up….hmmmmmmm

    • caitiecat

       Murder is murder.

      • Dear caitiecat,

        his is the United States of America — no “murder” has been committed until someone is convicted of it in a court of law.

        It is entirely possible that what occurred was a justifiable shooting in self defense — among numerous other scenarios which do not include a ”murder”.

        • Wolfka

          Sorry, but murder is murder regardless of whether you are convicted or not!!  Zimmerman is and always will be considered a murderer.  Would you rather have him be called a child killer??  Either way he still killed an unarmed teenager and there is nothing justifiable about that!!!

          • wills1111

            This is simply not true; Zimmerman is innocent of murder until proven guilty.

            I hope if you’re called for jury duty in a criminal case you take the time to educate yourself on the basics of criminal law.

    • Sad to see how ignorant and heartless you’re. This is not about being black, white, blue or pink. Its about somebody’s life being taken for absolutely NO reason except that he looked souspicious. Different color, same blood. Do you know what that means? 
      Anyway, this is not the time & place for those kind of comments which are full of ignorance. But I’ll pray for God to forgive you since its not your fault. 
      Regards, from a french girl in Paris

      • Dear Vilaine Elisabeth,

        There’s no need to pray for me, but I appreciate the gesture.

        I believe the word you’re looking for is spelled “suspicious”.”French” in this context is capitalized.

        And on what basis do you so confidently state that the young man who was shot and killed had done nothing but “look” a certain way?

        Conflicting reports suggest that Zimmerman had a broken nose, lacerations on the back of his head, and grass stains on his back.

        • maryp1217

          Dear wills1111,
          Please show us how well you write in French. As for these “facts” you keep spewing, you weren’t there. Even Zimmerman said he followed Trayvon because of the way he looked. That was one of the few truthful things he did say. Trayvon was the one defending himself from creep who was following him and chose not to identify himself as neighborhood watch. Z got pissed off when Trayvon started to run away from him. Just imagine for one minute how Trayvon felt. Don’t bother saying he had enough time to run home and should have. Leading some creep to your doorstep is not a good idea, and Z was chasing him as heard on the audio tape. You aren’t going to care about anything other than your preconceived ideas, though. I’ll bet based on your comments that you would be leading that pack of pillow case KKK members on their march. Maybe if your children bring you some black grandchildren your eyes may open a bit. That’s what I wish for you – a hoard of very, very black grandchildren.

          • wills1111

            I’m not disputing that Zimmerman was suspicious of Martin because of “the way he looked”—that’s precisely the job of a neighborhood watch member. There is zero evidence it had anything to do with Martin’s race, although it is notable that the vast majority of the burglary and home invasion suspects who had been threatening the neighborhood were young black men—the ones who were ultimately apprehended indeed “looked” quite a bit like Martin.

            I haven’t spewed any false “facts” or made any assumptions that aren’t supported by the evidence. You, on the other hand, have—there’s no evidence that Martin had any need to “defend himself”, and substantial evidence that Zimmerman did. You are “imagining” how Martin “felt” and assuming that he felt frightened—I’m not doing any imagining, and I’m certainly not sure that your imagination is accurate. Is dfear the likeliest state of mind given that there’s no evidence that Martin was provoked, and much evidence that he punched Zimmerman and repeatedly bashed his head into a concrete sidewalk? It certainly could be, but again—a lot of things could be true, and I have refrained from speculating.

            As to your ad hominem attacks—they’re disgraceful as well as pathetic, the last refuge of those with no real argument. Suggesting I’m partial to the KKK is beyond the pale. I haven’t in any way said anything bigoted—you have. You’re making offensive and unfounded assumptions about my race and that of my family, based purely on your prejudices. There is simply no place in civilized discourse for the ugliness and hate you’ve directed at me.

    • Shara_capricorn


      • I’m sorry to say this is incomprehensible.

        But once again, this is the United States of America — no “murder” has been committed until someone has been convicted of it in a court of law.

    • You are an asshole.

    • Jcgdchld

      William go read a book you are an idiot

      • Dear Jdgdchld,

        Again, an ad hominem attack is the respite of those without an argument.

        And might I suggest that even your irrational and discourteous posts might be more effective if you used punctuation?

    • Aurisrosario

      Black on Black crime is fought and protested as well. This made nationwide news because the killer was known, the victim was unarmed and no arrest was ever made. Did you hear about the incident in Boston, MA (mattapan) where a 3year old, his mother and two teens were shot execution style? By people of color like themselves. When these killers were set free all hell broke loose. So yes Black on Black crime is an issue as well. But in this case ATLEAST the killers were arrested

    • When the President of the USA, an the entire Nation has to get together and try to solve the case of White on White murder, Namely SCHOOL KIDS! It’s YOU with the PROBLEM.

      • wills1111


        First of all, what murder of schoolchildren case has POTUS “tried to solve”.

        Second, why are you personalizing this? You don’t even know my race.

        Third, the fact that a black President has an interest in a white-on-white crime is fine. The reality is that whites solve and prosecute the vast majority of black-on-black murder, and also do the most to try to prevent it; they also do not march when blacks kill whites (in far, far greater numbers than whites kill blacks). I was simply bemoaning the enthusiasm with which blacks will protest the odd white-on-black murder while totally ignoring the wholesale slaughter of black-on-black murder. This seems to have eluded you.

        I appreciate your attempt to respond, and the hostile, race-baiting glee which which you attempt to blame and demonize white people makes my point at least as effectively as I could hope to.

    • Kj

      A hoodie is symbolism for a thug? Oh ok.. Would you mind taking a minute to explain how? From what you’re saying it would be safe to say that no white person would wear a hoodie because a hoodie means thug right? You’re simply a ignorant racist

  • Kanisha J

    My heart is heavy. While it is not holistically the responsibility of the school to recognize loss, they have a part. There was never a student death at my school that was not annouced within a timely matter. Additionally, it takes a community to raise a child. The family, church, school, family of friends, media, every thing that contributes to the society has a part, that doesn’t mean the school can pass their duty. Additionally, lets be real. How the heck can I focus in my science class, if I feel conflicted or troubled on the inside, if I don’t feel safe or accepted in my own skin? Second, ignorance would have you to believe it’s a fight of race, but it’s not. We are in a spiritual battle against evils of this world. Evil don’t play fair, it knows our weaknesses. Ephesians 6:12 “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against
    the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against
    the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” I’m not even mad a William, just disappointed. He’s ignorant, but being angry won’t resolve this tragedy, it will just perpetuate hate. That’s why the bible says pray for your enemies. You all may get mad at me for raising this issue, but the real culprits are a people who don’t pray and obey God’s word,making themselves and their people weak in the presence of evil. The media from which these stereotypes , images and ideas precipitates. And if it comes up that the killer had any medical issues, a failing pharmaceutical industry more concerned with profits than cures and  a bunch of other systems that are failing our people. I really love all people. I just wish that we would unite as one. We are only as strong as our weakest link, because believe it or not we are one. United we stand, divided we fall. We are slowly falling. On another note, myself and some friends are working on a song and movement inspired by Trayvon’s death. I will share it when it is complete. To the family and friends, you are in my prayers. Watch and pray children of God. Peace and Love be with you all.

  • We see that that majority of the media are still running with the picture of the 11 year old rather than showing Martin as he really was at 6’3″ towering over Zimmerman.  Zimmerman obviously was the victim in this altercation, since Martin was on top of him, smashing his head into the walkway..  At one point in the altercation, Martin snarled to Zimmerman TONIGHT YUR GUNNA DIE M*****F*CKER .

    Zimmerman must have gotten a shot of adrenaline when they were
    struggling for control of the Kel-Tech which did not have a safety. When
    the public gets to see the facts on this, and they learn that Martin is
    not that 11 year old angel that the Martins have been trying to spin,
    we will see them for who and what they really are. Just like we see
    Tawana Brawley canard for what it was

    The way Martin probably figured, was he’d throw the flabby oaf Chaz Bono look-alike to the ground and pound him bloody, then swagger on 70 yards home, and tell his amazing story to his sperm donor daddy, about how he beat whitey near to death and then munch on some Skittles.

    But just remember, the ones who are getting all wound up over this matter, are the same ones who jumped for joy like as if they had won the superbowl on the day that OJ Simpson walked free.

    • INH

      Leonard, I ask, where you there? Did you know Trayvon Martin or his parents? Do you know Zimmerman? Probably not, yet you throw out stereotypes (sperm donor daddy, who and what they really are) and make judgments from your biased soapbox. Its interesting that you visualized a whole story of how things happened and then condemned a whole race of people at the end with your implication in the statement about OJ. So what if Trayvon towered over Zimmerman? There would have never been an altercation if Zimmerman was obedient to the REAL police and had left the young man alone. If you were being followed and started fighting, you may say a few choice words too. Also, check Zimmerman’s track record before you think he’s the victim in this situation. I agree with Kanisha J. The Bible says judge not or you will be judged. God is not a respecter of persons, but loves us all the same. I will pray for both you and William because you both sound like you are coming from a pace of racial hatred even though you accuse BLACK people that are outraged of doing so. As someone else posted, people from all races, cultures and creeds are outraged by Trayvon’s death because it didn’t make sense for a young man to lose his life because of one man’s crusade to be self-appointed law enforcement. 

    • M-Watanabe

      You (and that comment) are two things:

      1) Incompetent
      2) Desperate for attention.

      This goes to you AND those who have not the slightest clue as to why they’re protesting:

      Race is NOT the point here. If anyone else–Caucasian, Asian, Indian, black, blue, ultraviolet– would commit murder (even out of self-defense), the priorities and levels of interrogation/discipline would TOTALLY exceed that shown in this case! I don’t understand why people are so concerned about skin color; if a child of a different race received such treatment, I would be JUST AS IRATE! Injustice IS INJUSTICE! Stop suppressing your mind with racist stigmas; it shows just what type of person you are (unless you are, of course, Zimmerman himself).

    • The truth teller

      At least we have one truth teller here! Bravo Leonard! The rest of the Sheeple have bought into the MSM spin on their version of the truth.

    • Shara_capricorn

      You are just as igorant as they come! Its people like you with the disrespectful critics of others that make this world the way that it is. It’s time to put the HATRED ASIDE IN COME AS ONE. It could have easily been you or some one in your family in I bet that wouldn’t have been a easy pill to swollow. Get it together I pray for your soul. God sits high in low in he is far in near. I pray no harm of anykind knocks at your door, you have to endure what the Martin’s are going through because of the loss of their child. Tables do turn in reflections do appear. May God cover you in his loving arms!   

    • Shari Neal

      Leonard has a vivid imagination. I guess he did’nt hear the 911 call. He probably does’nt have a child or a loved one, like the rest of these hatemongers. But justice shall be served. That’s all I care about.

    • Katie

       Did you listen to the 911 tapes? You can hear Trayvon crying. He was scared and saw he was going to die because a racist like you decided black people didn’t belong in his neighborhood. He was not on top of Zimmerman. That monster outweighed him by a lot, nor did he actively seek out a fight like Zimmerman. Zimmerman followed Trayvon despite being told not to repeatedly by a 911 operator. Zimmerman made racial remarks. Zimmerman attacked a boy much smaller and about 12 years younger than him because ZIMMERMAN is a monster. He is a racist. Trayvon was a boy going about his business talking to his girlfriend on his cellphone about a weird man staring at him before he hung up and started to run away from the danger. Zimmerman chased him because he was not afraid. Trayvon Martin cried until that monster shot him. Trayvon Martin was a nice, regular boy who did not deserve to die. He did absolutely nothing wrong towards Zimmerman. Zimmerman, 28, killed a 17 year old boy much smaller than him. He did it, not because he was scared of a boy who was not threatening him violently in any way, but because Trayvon was walking while black. He killed this boy because he is an ignorant racist and because he is insecure in himself and what a failure he is, and latches onto the idea that he is better than black people.

      I have seen people like you expressing their indignation at how
      minorities try to take everything. But everything isn’t yours. You are
      not entitled to whatever you want. No one is. Work for it. Because of
      people like you and this monster, I worry about my boyfriend every day. I
      have to worry because being a black man isn’t safe. I have to worry
      about my friends and about people I don’t know because you do whatever
      you want.

      But just remember, the ones defending him, fabricating a defense as to why he was justified in killing someone doing nothing wrong who had as much right to be there as anyone else, who claim they are right, because they know ‘the truth’ about the world, are the same ones who use their racist ideas to lift themselves up, and who are likely jealous of people who actually achieve things through hard work. These are the people who will be judged right along side everyone they think they’re better than. These people are you. Ignorant racists with a sense of entitlement. I sincerely hope you and all of your people realize soon that you are not the chosen few and your lives are no better than anyone else’s.

    • Kj

      What makes you think Martin had a dad that would praise violence? Martins father was ex military, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t a no good individual and he wouldn’t let his son boast on violence of someone especially because the other person was “whitey”.. I’m sure you’re used to hearing about blacks that grew up without their father present but in this particular case, Trayvon’s father was his best friend not with a respectable background, not some thug attempting to turn his son to the streets. Martin went and bought skittles because he wanted to eat them not because he anticipated some creepy ass cracker following him, beating him near death, and then going home to brag to his dad about it. You’re CLEARLY an ignorant racist. It was raining and this young boy was trying to get back home, not followed, attacked, and killed. He had no intentions but to get home, and Zimmerman had intentions on catching one of “the fucking punks” that “always get away”

  • StateImpactJOC


    I’ve had to delete a few comments that violated some of our rules here.

    We appreciate the commentary. We value your opinions. And we want you to keep reading and keep posting about these stories.

    But some reminders:

    This is a story about a 17-year-old who has been killed, and a
    28-year-old man who faces the possibility of a criminal trial. Please be
    respectful of everyone involved.

    This is an education website, and as such we hope that students —
    and their parents — feel comfortable reading what’s posted here. Please
    police your language.

    Please do not attack other users.

    Keep it factual. I’ve seen some things posted that, to the best of my
    knowledge, have not been confirmed by police, news reports or other
    accounts of the case.

    Thanks again for reading. Here’s a link to our comments policy if you’re interested: http://stateimpact.npr.org/com

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    • Thank you kindly for that reminder.

      The level of discourse here is shockingly low: many of the posts are simply name-calling and ad hominem attacks; most of those which are not are still ill-informed, illiterate, and add nothing to a constructive discussion of the issues.

      Most disturbing is the utter disrespect and rudeness shown by so many here towards those with differing opinions. It leaves the impression that not only are there few open minds engaging in discussion, but that there is a rampant lack of basic civility.

  • Young

    The media does not care about news stories where black are killed by other blacks Get it straight. The black community does care when any black person is killed as a result of senseless violence. Just because you do not see it on the news does not mean it does or does not happen. Do not let ignorance be your crutch.

    • Karen Foster

      the media CARES when a stalker kills his prey and gets away with it

  • Karen Foster

    It still makes no sense to me how somebody can STALK and then confront another person, end up killing them and then get to claim self defense. On what planet does that make any sense?

     Don’t you think that in all likelihood Trayvon felt scared, threatened or both because some guy was stalking him in a car? This guy doesn’t have a badge, what do we tell kids to do if they are pursued by strangers in cars? It would only make sense to me that Trayvon would fight back when this guy finally confronted the “F*****G C**N” that he didn’t want to see get away since “they always get away.” I really don’t care that Zimmerman had a bloody nose and had been on his back because he was the original aggressor and unfortunately the final one as well. He was told not to pursue him and that was enough to arrest him as the aggressor in the matter. Period. End.

  • JamesTompkins
  • S Rodreka

    Its About Wats Riqht & Wats Wronq Not Da Skin Color It Kud Have Been Clear Zimmerman Had Sumthinq Goinq On . .  2 Be So Heartless & Kill Ah Helpless Soul He Has Some Inner Issues But At Da End Of Da Day Everythinq Happens 4 Ah Reason ; Martin’s Death May Do Us Some Good Aqainst Violence & Justice . . Its Sad It Takes Someone Life 4 Us All 2 Come 2qetha As One .No One Really Knows Wat Happend But Da 2 Who Were Involved & God . . Zimmerman Will Get Wat He Deserve Wen Da Time Is Riqht . . Our Best Interest Is 2 Fiqht Wat We Believe In & Keep His Family & Friends In Our Prayer . .  Somethinq Gotta Give But I Am Not Worried Of My Life Bcus I Am Also Ah 17 Year Old 11th Grader & I 2 Attended Carolcity But . . ITS CLEAR AS DAY ONE OF GOD’S  COMMENDMENT IS THOU SHALT NOT KILL NO MATTER WAT DA JUDGE SAYS DA REAL JUDGE IS COMING JUDGEMENT DAY & WILL DETERMINE WATS RIGHT .


    • S Rodreka


  • S Rodreka

    Its About Wats Riqht & Wats Wronq Not Da Skin Color It Kud Have Been Clear Zimmerman Had Sumthinq Goinq On . . 2 Be So Heartless & Kill Ah Helpless Soul He Has Some Inner Issues But At Da End Of Da Day Everythinq Happens 4 Ah Reason ; Martin’s Death May Do Us Some Good Aqainst Violence & Justice . . Its Sad It Takes Someone Life 4 Us All 2 Come 2qetha As One .No One Really Knows Wat Happend But Da 2 Who Were Involved & God . . Zimmerman Will Get Wat He Deserve Wen Da Time Is Riqht . . Our Best Interest Is 2 Fiqht Wat We Believe In & Keep His Family & Friends In Our Prayer . . Somethinq Gotta Give But I Am Not]w Worried Of My Life Bcus I Am Also Ah 17 Year Old 11th Grader & I 2 Attended Carolcity But . . ITS CLEAR AS DAY ONE OF GOD’S COMMENDMENT IS THOU SHALT NOT KILL NO MATTER WAT DA JUDGE SAYS DA REAL JUDGE IS COMING JUDGEMENT DAY & WILL DETERMINE WATS RIGHT .


  • Jimbolini


    Can anyone confirm this photo and why is the media posting photos that are 4 years younger?? Anyone please!

  • Jimbolini

    How does everyone feel about the new black panthers putting up a $10,000 reward for Zimmerman??? I thought it said dead or alive. Anyone??

  • Jimbo4206

    How is it that no articles written about Trayvon Martin tell us what grade he was in before being suspended from school?

    • StateImpactJOC


      Trayvon was a high school junior: http://www.cnn.com/2012/03/30/us/trayvon-martin-profile/index.html.

      Or are you asking what grade he was in the first time he was suspended from school?

      • Jimbo4206

        No, I was asking about the suspension that led him to Sanford.  At the time, I didn’t realize that he had been suspended multiple times.  Thanks for the link, another good article.

  • Fattyolby

    Zimmerman acted in self defense

  • janesoutham

    As we know now, Martin was suspended for drugs. This was his THIRD suspension in five months.

  • WHITE George Zimmerman

    They are all smiling like they are representin’ the thug

  • Kisha

    As an educator the school should have handled it better. They waited too long to acknowledge his death. The students are grieving-forget the curriculum. You heard me. The counselors should have been on the site the next day to let the students talk about him. This is what is important to the students.

    School is a place of learning, but when a crisis is happening that form of learning needs to be interrupted for a higher type of learning. Learning how to heal or deal with a crisis is part of life. You won’t receive a written grade like a test, but the test will come to you at various points in your life. If you are not able to deal with it then you will crumble. Teens need help in this area because they sometimes turn to drugs, alcohol or other destructive ways in order to cope with the pain.

    To the Science teacher that tried to go on like nothing happened—it did happen. You missed a wonderful opportunity to show your students that you are human and that you care about what they are going through. This would have made your teaching more effective. Do you think a student really cares about some periodic chart after their friend dies? I here to tell you they don’t. They were just sitting there listening to you talk. Empty words…

    When a young man at our school passed away his teacher tried to teach and then sat down and let her tears fall. Her class hugged her and guess what? When they felt like crying throughout the day–they came to look for her. They bypassed the counselors because they knew that she cared.

    Caring is the key people! A school has to show it cares.

  • allready

    I have never seen the point in giving a kid more time off for being late? makes zero sense! late = detention!

  • frajb

    The most disturbing part of this article is that schools are not regarded as communities. Communities grieve losses together. We teach to the test? Like robots, students are given curriculum with no relationship to staff? I am so disturbed by this at my own public school. 26 years later I am ready to throw in the towel and teach at a private school where the community is nourished and learning is an experience within that context.

  • Brysail

    Maybe it would be a good thing to know what the hell you you are talking about before trying to write/say things you try to push off as facts.Nobody, yes I said nobody told Mr. Zimmerman not to follow anybody, nobody told Mr Zimmerman to stay in his car! Mr.Zimmerman is Hispanic, no body confessed to murder, didn’t then hasn’t now, For crying out loud where do you people get this crap. and if anyone here knows who was doing what in that walkway you must be one sorry SOB for not testifying in court.

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