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Who Tops Florida’s School Rankings?

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The Florida Department of Education has ranked more than 3,000 state schools.

Schools in Brevard, Miami-Dade and Okaloosa counties were the top rated elementary, middle and high schools, respectively, according to a school rankings the Florida Department of Education released Monday.

The agency followed up on its evaluation of state school districts by ranking all 3,078 schools from first to worst. Local school officials have criticized the district rankings because they are based solely on Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test scores.

The elementary and middle school rankings are based on FCAT scores. The high school rankings use FCAT scores, but also includes graduation rates, accelerated coursework — such as Advanced Placement — and college or career readiness.

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West Melbourne Elementary School for Science in Brevard County was the top-ranked elementary school.  Archimedean Middle Conservatory in Miami-Dade was the top middle school. Collegiate High School at Northwest Florida State College was the top-ranked high school.

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The Sanibel School in Lee County was the top elementary and middle combination school, while Sarasota County’s Pine View School was the top middle and high combination school.

“Floridians care about education and it is critical that our students have access to world-class schools that will give them a pathway to a successful career,” Gov. Rick Scott said in a statement. “Measuring each school’s performance helps gauge our progress toward that goal.”

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