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Gov. Scott Makes Anthropology Joke in Speech

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He looks a little stern here, but Gov. Rick Scott made a funny in his State of the State speech Tuesday.

The one truly funny moment during Gov. Rick Scott’s State of the State speech came when he referenced his much-publicized spat with anthropologists earlier this year.

In arguing for the need to better match college graduates with open jobs, Scott cited anthropologists as a degree Florida probably didn’t need any more of.

In Tuesday’s speech Scott had a little fun.

“Our efforts on education cannot end here,” Scott said, according to the prepared version of his speech. “Florida has a rich cultural history surrounding its colleges and universities.

“Don’t take my word for it. Ask any anthropologist.”

Scott paused and then added an improvised line referring to his daughter, Jordan, who earned an anthropology degree and then shifted to business.

“My younger daughter is going to shoot me when she reads that part of the speech.”

Florida Gov. Rick Scott first attacked anthropology back in October, 2011. Hear what the Governor said about anthropologists here. We explain his war on anthropology and why anthropologists may win.


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