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Coming Soon: Our Big Charter School Investigation

Update: Here’s a link to the story.

For the past three months, StateImpact Florida has been working on an investigation of charter schools. Wednesday morning, the truth comes out — both here and on NPR’s Morning Edition.

The question: How many of Florida’s charter schools serve children with severe disabilities? Here’s a hint: surprisingly few.

Patrick Farrell / Miami Herald Staff

Jeremy Rosende participates in his first-grade art class at the Renaissance Charter School in Coral Springs.

This is being done in conjunction with a six-month investigation involving the Miami Herald called “Cashing in on Kids.” Check out their findings on self-dealing by charter school officials and even politicians cashing in on the system.

Other stories have included anecdotes suggesting charter schools are cherry picking their kids, and excluding kids with disabilities.

StateImpact Florida got the data (it wasn’t easy, more on that later) and it shows some interesting patterns.

You can see them here on this blog.

NPR is also airing a version of our story during Morning Edition Wednesday morning. Right now, the story is scheduled to start at 6:21 and 8:21 a.m. EST.


  • Steve

    As a charter school, it has been chartered as a provider of public education; it is not exempt from oversight. If a charter school is not providing necessary services to any enrolled student, it should be brought to task by the Governmental agency responsible for overseeing the school, just as a traditional public school should be. Please also consider that if traditional public schools were providing the type of learning environment necessary for individual students, there would be no waiting list for acceptance into charter schools.

    • Jo-Anne

      It is my experience that many who choose charter schools often return to public school. Those students were thrown out due to behavior or failing grades The charter school couldn’t and didn’t meet their needs. If public education could pick and choose who we wanted to keep in our schools and teach… you can finish the thought.

  • Indiansong

    I can say without doubt that Imagine Charter School in Tallahassee, FL, does NOT serve all children equally.  They “SAY” they do, but in reality they do NOT.  They turn away any child with any kind of disability in any form.  They do NOT address the issue of bullying – students bullying other students – it is horrible at Imagine Charter School in Tallahassee, FL….Nepatism is HIGH and favortism is top of the list.  They hire ONLY teachers with no experience and give NO support or help – the philosphy is sink or swim  on your own.  They use Project Child but do not train you adequately – only make you watch online videos – no hands-on support….Kids are not important at IMAGINE…..

    • sad

      It is so sad to read this, knowing that I removed my child from this school their first year due to these same issues. I was really hoping that in the years since they opened they would have gotten their act together.

  • SingleMomTrying

    My son has never had the emotional problems that he has now (since he began 6th grade at a charter school).  The school does not watch for bullying and the kids run all over my son in the hallways bumping him into doors and the wall when the bell rings.  He has developed horrible OCD.  It began in the middle of the school year when the stress began getting worse for him.  The teachers did not let me know he was struggling until it was close to FCAT time (which the teachers want to MAKE SURE the students do well on  -ONLY BECAUSE THEIR JOB DEPENDS ON THE FCAT
    SCORES.  Other than that – I feel my son has fallen way behind!!!  He is going back to public school next year!!

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