Putting Education Reform To The Test

When Governor Scott Tests Universities, Universities Do Their Homework

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When Governor Rick Scott asked the state’s 11 public universities to prove their worth to him, the universities responded to the challenge.

The Governor asked the schools to answer 17 questions that he says will help him craft higher education reform. And those schools have been turning in their answers.

The Sun Sentinel reports the University of Florida turned in a 750-page report. And according to the Sentinel, Florida State University answered those questions in “a 38-megabyte file, roughly the size of an encyclopedia volume.”

The University of South Florida responded with a 106 page report.

The Governor is testing public universities to see how well their goals match up to his job-creation plan, which includes graduating more science, technology, engineering and math majors, or STEM fields.

What Questions Did The Governor Ask?

Q: How do you measure the university’s cost and revenue per program?

Q: Do you have measureable goals to meet employers’ current needs?

Q: Do you have measurable goals for the number of graduates with specific degrees such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics and nursing?

The questions have been called audit-like. And the Sun Sentinel published more of those questions along with a summary of how Florida universities responded here.


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