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Feedback Loop: Comments Often STEM From Gov. Scott

We’re guaranteed a few comments every time we write about Gov. Rick Scott on StateImpact Florida. A recent post about a petition to remove Scott’s signature from college diplomas was no different.

Readers rekindled the debate about whether Florida universities should “drive” more students into science, technology, engineering and math fields.

Trena G said government doesn’t have the authority to require a student pursue a certain degree.

Fine if he wants to make SUGGESTIONS to individual students, as to what they might enjoy studying.  But, the gov has no right to dictate what people study, or what courses the school can offer.  The schools are there to serve the students, not to serve the governor, or his state.  The state is there to serve the students, not the other way around.

Dave said Scott is right to have some foresight to protect taxpayers from the future costs of current poor decisions:

The petition signers will soon be in some city park screaming at us because their degree in 15th century Chinese literature isn’t helping them find a job…liberals tend to rebel against common sense.  And we have to suffer the consequences by bailing the idiots of out student loans then paying for a lifetime of welfare while they raise 3 kids on a McDonald’s job.

Bassetjaw offered an idea on how to encourage STEM graduates:

A market solution would be to waive all or a significant amount of tuition for students that attain STEM degrees with a GPA above 3.0. That would take someone with a brain to come up with. Sorry Florida you elected him.

What’s your take? Add it to the comments or shoot us an email.

Reader reaction is an important part of building StateImpact Florida’s education coverage. Feedback Loop will be a regular feature highlighting your questions, criticisms and comments.


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