Putting Education Reform To The Test

Petition Seeks to Remove Florida Governor’s Name From Diplomas

Some students working on college degrees in Florida are signing a petition asking Governor Rick Scott not to sign their diplomas. The creator of the petition says it’s because of the governor’s repeated assaults on the Florida education system.

Petition author Eric Curtisson writes that Scott works constantly to remove students’ rights to higher education. Curtisson doesn’t offer examples, but the governor has gotten plenty of criticism in the education arena.

Scott raised eyebrows last month when he suggested that certain fields of study, like anthropology, may not be worth the state dollars budgeted for them. Scott wants more students to major in the STEM areas known as science, technology, engineering and math. He says those are the areas that will bring high paying jobs to Florida. But not everyone wants a STEM degree, and thousands more signatures have made their way onto a separate petition demanding no funding cuts to liberal arts programs at Florida’s public universities.

Earlier this year, Scott’s initial state budget proposal would have cut $3.3 billion in education spending.  Even House Speaker Dean Cannon wrote, “The budget we sent him funds education at a higher level than the governor recommended just a few months ago when he proposed a 10 percent cut.”

Curtisson’s petition is slowly gaining attention. The names of the signers are listed on the petition website with comments. One notes that Scott’s own grades were pretty embarrassing.  Another says she’d rather not see his name on a degree that he doesn’t value.

Curtisson plans to deliver the petition to Governor Scott, but his effort to remove the governor’s name from university diplomas isn’t likely to be successful.


  • Kary

    good plan …He for sure dont deserve the recognition Hickenlooper lost a honorary degree…these dudes are really a-holes…peace all…

  • Coming from Australia, I always thought it was odd that this country puts names of politicians on all kinds of official  documents, from county sheriff to secretary of state, to governor.   Even the gas pumps in my town have the county sheriff’s name on them.

    All politics aside, isn’t that a bit of unfair advertising for incumbents ?  Isn’t that a big waste of money in stationary when new people get elected.

  • Trena G

    Fine if he wants to make SUGGESTIONS to individual students, as to what they might enjoy studying.  But, the gov has no right to dictate what people study, or what courses the school can offer.  The schools are there to serve the students, not to serve the governor, or his state.  The state is there to serve the students, not the other way around.

    • Uripdz

      The KEY word in your post is DICTATE …… that is what this idiot governor is all about ….DICTATING ……….! ! ! !

  • Raving Punatic

    recall the koch klone

  • Ndmertens

    Interesting…I didn’t even know that the Florida Governor singed diplomas.  I graduated from a public university in Florida and Charlie Christ did not sign my diploma.

  • atomh

    Gov Rick Scott is a Grade A Moron, I fully support any student that signs this petition.

  • my name indeed!

    Wow! It’s no surprise a republican wants to cut education, but the fact that the funding he is willing to supply goes toward science and math is a surprise. There must be some caveats, like, no talk of evolution, no astronomy…

  • A Pranis

    Can you blame them? Who would want a facist republican elected by pin head morons  to sign his name on a college diploma?? 

  • Elvis

    yes, he is a true idiot, and how about the idiots that elected him ?

  • Mstew1021

    What is it that Republicans aren’t against? About the only thing I can think of is superstition. 

  • Inspector T

    I lived in FL for a year. I left for many reasons Scott is just one of those reasons. He had a great idea to drug test those who applied for state benefits. Guess what? It cost more to drug test than to just give out the food stamps!

  • Bassetjaw

    A market solution would be to waive all or a significant amount of tuition for students that attain STEM degrees with a GPA above 3.0. That would take someone with a brain to come up with. Sorry Florida you elected him.

  • Quit_cat

    I think it’s way past time for taxpayers to petition Florida State govenement to shut down broadcast of local Florida National Public Radio outlets, being that these neo-Stalinist organs of Radical Left hate and propaganda are devoted to the advancement of neo-Stalinist agendas and “progressive”/Democrat Party objectives.

    • Anonymous

      Troll much?

  • Dave

    The petition signers will soon be in some city park screaming at us because their degree in 15th century Chinese literature isn’t helping them find a job…liberals tend to rebel against common sense.  And we have to suffer the consequences by bailing the idiots of out student loans then paying for a lifetime of welfare while they raise 3 kids on a McDonald’s job.

  • jflaw4

    Governor Scott’s  hospital business was charged and found guilty of defrauding medicare. He took the 5th amendment 150 some times and was forced out as CEO. Before running for Gov., he began a chain of blood test stores. He campaigned on forced drug testing for welfare and state employees. Not elected officials of course. Amid complaints of a conflict of interest, he simply transferred ownership of the testing company to his wife’s name and all was fine. His automatic welfare drug test law was in effect for a few months before the ACLU challenged it. State employees have fought it since the beginning.

  • Cassie Ennis

    If the governor wanted to bring high paying jobs to Florida then he should have NOT killed the rail system.  As someone from Northern Virginia – my state and area is reaping the benefits of your idiot governor’s decision. There are people working right now – and this will bring tons of money to our state for years to come.  Even our Republican Governor knew better than to turn money down from the Federal government.   Florida – get a recall going before Scott does any more damage!

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