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School Districts Still Hold The Purse Strings: Charter Schools Cut Off


Balere Language Academy in South Miami Heights was under investigation last month over suspicions the school was hosting an after hours adult club.

Charter schools are freed from many local and state rules, but school districts still hold the purse strings.

And a good way to keep a charter from surviving is to hold back district money.

That’s what happening to Balere Language Academy in South Miami Heights, according to the Miami Herald.

The school with about 85 students is losing $79,000 over suspicions about the school’s staff and finances. How much charters get is based on the number of students enrolled at the school.

Balere was under investigation last month when racy fliers starting popping up advertising an after-hours adult club hosted at the school campus.

In an interview with the Miami Herald, Marlon Hill, an attorney for Balere said cutting off the school’s funding “is a good way to kill it, even though [the school is] showing signs of recovery.”

The Academy of Arts and Minds in Coconut Grove, which has about 460 students, is also losing more than $185,000 from the district for failing to provide services to special needs students, which is a violation of federal and state laws.

StateImpact Florida and the Miami Herald profiled Arts & Minds earlier this month after the district launched an audit investigation into the school.

The district may return funding if or when the schools are in full compliance of the district contract, and state and federal laws.


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