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Feedback Loop: Charter Schools, Higher Ed Salaries and College Tuition

Our continuing charter school series, higher education salaries and a lawsuit over college tuition drove the comments this week.

Disallusionedinmiami agreed that school boards should get tough on new charter school applications.

Do not stop charter schools, but question and ask for the highest degree of accountability. Some charter schools are only there is make a profit and use taxpayer’s money. Manny Alonso Pouch unfortunately is a member of that group.

Question, investigate, and demand more from charter schools. If they are well run with a good staff, what charter schools can do is inspiring.

Gov. Rick Scott prominently posted higher education salaries on a website detailing state government spending. Some college professors worried Scott was making a political point at their expense, but reader Meee didn’t see anything to worry about.

Just scanned the spreadsheet. I don’t see any smoking gun there — seems as though the overpaid one is the alien that had this posted — Mr Scott himself.

Manny Shargel questioned why the state would charge students who are Florida residents out-of-state tuition because their parents were undocumented immigrants.

 I thought that being born in the United states makes you a citizen of the United States. Having lived in Florida all your life makes you a resident of Florida, doesn’t it? How mean spirited of our elected officials to make legal residents pay out of state tuition.

Keep the comments coming. Let us know what stories you’d like to see or what questions you want answered.

Reader reaction is an important part of building StateImpact Florida’s education coverage. Feedback Loop will be a regular feature highlighting your questions, criticisms and comments.


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