Putting Education Reform To The Test

White House Says Orange County Schools Need Proposed Jobs Bill

Alex Wong / Getty News Images

President Barack Obama unveils his jobs plan last month at the White House.

Orange County is a White House poster child for the school renovation money tucked into president Barack Obama’s jobs bill.

A White House press release points to a report from the Council on Great City Schools outlining urban school districts’ infrastructure needs.

The White House notes that Orange County schools would receive $169.6 million to repair and modernize schools and another $13.2 million to pay for deferred maintenance.

The bill would send a total of $3 billion to Florida, supporting an estimated 16,600 jobs.

“Our children only get one shot at a good education,” Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said in a press release. “They deserve better than crumbling school buildings and half-century-old science labs…The Act will provide billions for school modernization, which will help give our children the world-class education they deserve.”

The U.S. Senate voted to kill the American Jobs Act earlier this week despite Obama pushing its passage for weeks.


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