Putting Education Reform To The Test

Florida Ranks Sixth for K-12 Education Cuts

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Florida has had the sixth-largest state education budget cuts since 2008.

Florida’s education budget cuts were the sixth-largest in the nation since 2008, according to a Center on Budget and Policy Priorities report released Friday.

Florida spends 18.1 percent less per K-12 student in state money than when the recession began in 2008, once figures are adjusted for inflation, according to the report.That means Florida is spending $705 less per student this year than it was in 2008.

South Carolina registered the highest budget cuts at 24.1 percent per student, while North Dakota increased funding by 24.2 percent per student.

Overall, 37 states are spending less per student this year than last. 30 states are spending less per student than they did four years ago.

The report argues that the budget cuts have hindered states’ ability to implement education reforms and extended the economic recovery.


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