Putting Education Reform To The Test

New Textbook Selection Process Challenged

A Boca Raton group said they will sue Gov. Rick Scott over how the state chooses its textbooks, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

“The group says the new textbook adoption process does not provide for enough time, readers or transparency relating to decisions on appropriate subject materials in schools.

“It is not possible for two people to review all the textbooks in Florida within a 4-month period of time,” the lawsuit reads, “and thus Senate Bill 2120 renders it impossible for the Defendants to provide high-quality education to all children in Florida as required by law.”

It is at least the eighth lawsuit naming Scott as a defendant since he took office this year. He signed SB 2120, a conforming education budget bill, into law on May 26. Citizens for National Security wants the law repealed and blames Scott for not vetoing the textbook provision.”


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