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Studies Find Textbooks Are A Poor Match For Common Standards

Brevard County schools are considering 30 new middle and high school textbooks for the nationally crafted math and language arts standards known as Common Core, Florida Today reports. The standards are currently used in kindergarten through second grade, and are scheduled to be used in every Florida grade when classes start this fall. Like Brevard […]

Explaining Digital Learning Day

Today is Digital Learning Day, part of an effort to put more emphasis on the possibilities computers, the Internet and new technology offer to improve education. Advocates argue access and customization are the biggest advantages to digital instruction. Students often find digital instruction more engaging — pull out those smart phones and Wi-Fi enabled iPods, […]

Explaining Florida’s Shift To Digital Textbooks

Kindles or other electronic devices will soon replace textbooks in classrooms. New requirements mean Florida students will use digital textbooks by 2015. Some districts have already started making the change. In Pasco County, where there’s a textbook shortage, the district opted to spend money on digital copies of books this school year. The problem is […]

College Textbooks Take Bite Out Of Florida High School Budgets

Florida high schools are graded in part by the number of college-level classes they offer high school students.  Those classes require college textbooks, which are more expensive than high school textbooks, and the state doesn’t always give high schools enough money to cover the difference.

New Textbook Selection Process Challenged

A Boca Raton group said they will sue Gov. Rick Scott over how the state chooses its textbooks, according to the St. Petersburg Times. “The group says the new textbook adoption process does not provide for enough time, readers or transparency relating to decisions on appropriate subject materials in schools. “It is not possible for […]

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