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Three Mile Island considers nuclear restart as Pa. lawmakers look to new tech to meet demand

Power demand is growing now with the rise of data centers and new technology

By Rachel McDevitt

Crews in training to remove last of fuel from Three Mile Island Unit 2

The remaining 1% of fuel is the hardest to get out.

By Rachel McDevitt

Three Mile Island enters new phase of cleanup

Three Mile Island Unit 2 is moving into an active clean-up period known as DECON.

By Rachel McDevitt

Three Mile Island owner looks to move to next phase of cleanup

TMI-2 Solutions is applying to change its license to say it is decommissioning the plant by disposing of radioactive materials at a commercial site or decontaminating materials on site.

By Rachel McDevitt

Man killed while working at Three Mile Island

TMI Unit 1 owner Exelon Generation said a contract worker was fatally injured around 11 a.m. on Friday.

By Rachel McDevitt

Demolition of two TMI cooling towers postponed until next year

Taking down the structures will mark the beginning of the end for a fixture of the central Pennsylvania landscape.

By Madison Goldberg

Community group created to advise TMI cleanup

Decommissioning company EnergySolutions agreed to work with a citizen committee after state regulators objected to accelerated plans to dismantle the site last year.

By Rachel McDevitt

Federal agency approves transfer of TMI-2 for decommissioning

TMI-2 Solutions is one of a few companies that aim to turn a profit by dismantling nuclear sites using less money than what’s in a dedicated fund.

By Rachel McDevitt

State regulators settle over proposed transfer of Three Mile Island’s Unit 2 reactor

State environmental regulators are withdrawing their objection to a proposed license transfer for Three Mile Island’s Unit 2 reactor, after raising concerns over an accelerated decommissioning at the site.

By Rachel McDevitt

Three Mile Island operator, surrounding communities to scale back emergency planning for shuttered site

Starting in January 2021, Exelon won’t have to maintain a 10-mile planning zone around the plant and it can end off-site radiation monitoring and regular siren tests.

By Rachel McDevitt