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Court battle over Pennsylvania climate rule set to begin

Coal and labor groups and power plant owners are suing the Department of Environmental Protection, saying the rule will cause them irreparable harm.

By Rachel McDevitt

Coal interests sue to block Pennsylvania’s carbon policy

Coal-related interests sued on Monday to block the centerpiece of Gov. Tom Wolf’s plan to fight climate change

By The Associated Press

Pennsylvania’s climate rule met with applause and court threats upon finalization

Joining RGGI is the centerpiece of Gov. Tom Wolf’s plan to address climate change.

By Rachel McDevitt

Wolf’s climate rule to be published, making Pa. first fossil fuel state to price carbon

The state can be a member of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative once the rule that allows joining is published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin on Saturday.

By Rachel McDevitt

Updated: April 5, 2022 | 7:46 pm

Commonwealth Court pauses Pennsylvania’s effort to enact climate rule

Publishing the rule would make it official, positioning Pennsylvania to become the first major fossil fuel-producing state to put a price on carbon emissions.

By Rachel McDevitt

Lawmakers move to block Pennsylvania from climate program, offer federal money instead

Wolf has vetoed a similar attempt before. But this time, Republicans say they’re offering a solution.

By Rachel McDevitt

Updated: April 4, 2022 | 6:38 pm

Wolf vetoes measure to block RGGI entrance

In his veto message, Wolf said the regulation “is a vital step for Pennsylvania to reduce carbon emissions and achieve our climate goals.”

By Rachel McDevitt

Top stories of 2021: The fight over RGGI

Pennsylvania moved closer this year to joining a regional program to cut emissions from power plants, despite repeated attempts to stop it from Republicans who control the legislature.

By Rachel McDevitt

Updated: December 16, 2021 | 12:03 pm

Lawmakers vote to stop state’s entrance to cap-and-trade program

Gov. Tom Wolf is likely to veto the measure, but that won’t mean the regulation could immediately take effect.

By Rachel McDevitt

Gov. Wolf’s carbon-pricing plan stalled by legal disagreement

The Wolf administration says the regulation to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative should be published now; the Republican-led legislature says it has ‘many months’ to review the rule.

By Marc Levy/The Associated Press and Rachel McDevitt