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Federal repeal of fracking regulations affects relatively small amount of Pa. land

You might have seen a headline last week about President Trump repealing fracking regulations. Anything fracking-related is likely to turn heads in Pennsylvania. But the regulations in question had to do with fracking on federally owned land. Because of that, Trump’s action isn’t expected to significantly affect Pennsylvania, which had fewer than 10,000 acres of [...]

New book tackles key questions about fracking

While fracking has created an economic boon for Pennsylvania and helped increase natural gas usage as a cleaner-burning energy source, it has also led to myriad environmental concerns–from water contamination to earthquakes. Daniel Raimi, a senior research associate with Resources for the Future, tells a nuanced story of the nation’s fracking boom in his new [...]

After fracking ban, some New York towns want to secede

A group of towns in New York’s Southern Tier is looking into the possibility of seceding and joining Pennsylvania, according to WBNG-TV. The Upstate New York Towns Association cites property taxes, low sales tax revenue, and the recent decision to ban hydraulic fracturing in New York. From WBNG:

In fracking hot spots, police and gas industry share intelligence on activists

Last month an anti-fracking group settled a lawsuit against Pennsylvania, after it was erroneously labeled a potential terrorist threat. The case dates back to 2010 and was an embarrassment for then-Governor Ed Rendell. But documents obtained by StateImpact Pennsylvania show law enforcement here and in other parts of the country continue to conduct surveillance on anti-fracking [...]

Survey: Majority of scientists oppose expanded use of fracking

A new survey out this week from the Pew Research Center finds scientists have a more negative view of fracking than the general public. Among scientists, 31 percent favor the increased use of fracking, while a majority– 66 percent– are opposed. The general public is slightly more positive, 39 percent of adults favor it, while about [...]

Natural gas prices down 30 percent since last month

The Associated Press reports natural gas has dropped 30 percent in the past month, which means consumers can expect lower heating bills and electricity prices. The price of gas was at $3.15 per 1,000 cubic feet on Tuesday– down from nearly $4.50 in late November. From the AP: A warm December and plentiful supplies are [...]

5 takeaways for PA following New York’s fracking ban

After more than six years of studying the issue, New York decided to ban fracking this week. Officials there cited environmental and health risks. The state’s acting health commissioner, Howard Zucker, said there wasn’t enough research to know for sure if fracking poses a health threat, but he wasn’t comfortable recommending it. “There are many [...]

Pew survey finds declining support for fracking

A new poll from the Pew Research Center shows public support for fracking has declined since last year. In a survey conducted last week, 41 percent of respondents said they favor the increased use of fracking, while 47 percent say they are opposed. Enthusiasm has dwindled since Pew surveyed people in March 2013. Back then, [...]

Report: Veteran lobbyist tells industry to ‘win ugly or lose pretty’

The New York Times reports a veteran lobbyist instructed the oil and gas industry to fight dirty against environmentalists who oppose expanding drilling operations. According to the Times, the advice came from Richard Berman, who heads a Washington D.C.-based consulting firm that has solicited up to $3 million from the oil and gas industry for [...]

Study finds flawed well casings– not fracking– caused tainted water

A new study finds water contamination linked to shale gas extraction in Pennsylvania and Texas was caused in some cases by faulty well casings– not hydraulic fracturing. The study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences examined 133 water wells with high levels of methane. Researchers found the contamination was either naturally [...]

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